Are you approachable..?

By | December 20, 2016

She was in damn need of help when she came to me. Obviously, I supported her.  It was not at all a big deal for me. But she was a bit reluctant to make me do the same thing for her continuously, for a few days. May be due to her concern for me.. I supported her for a few days and then she tried for some other arrangements. I tried to convince her that it was not at all botheration for me. But she didn’t..

But her arrangements didn’t work properly. So she again came to me and the story continued. Infact it was a soothing moment for me..


Sometimes we are doubtful whether “it will be problematic for the helper”. Yes, it could be due to the care and concern. And at the same time it might be due to the reluctance to take that freedom from us.

Normally we seek help only from those people with whom we are free. It’s really a pleasant feeling when someone finds us supportive and approachable.

So why not make a soothing presence, add a deeper connection and become more approachable?

So the happy me, smiling… 🙂

0 thoughts on “Are you approachable..?

  1. Simply-Me

    I agree, sometimes you really care but then you’re not sure of the reaction you will receive if you showed it.

  2. SumitOfficial

    Wow.. this is one of the great characterstics of a person like you. You are approachable, and yes so am I 😉

    It is really nice to see you after so long. I am free now for some blogging thing.. I wanna ask a few questions to you Akhila , please let me know when you are free.

  3. Akhila Post author

    Shre.. I am also a bit reluctant to approach other people for helping me. I try to be independent as far as possible though I am always ready to help others…

  4. Akhila Post author

    ha ha.. what’s there in looks…it’s the attitude which matters, no…
    and dont overestimate myself to be a gem or so.. there is an interesting aspect in every incidents, sometimes we may miss to grab it. Only when we think more on the same, we can understand it better, how important it is..

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  6. Maniparna Sengupta Majumder

    I think I am because many of my friends turn to me when they face problems. Not that I could solve them, but I listen to them patiently and try to pacify them when it’s needed.

  7. Idle Muser

    Absolutely. We approach the ones whom we feel are approachable. Approachable in the sense that they would listen to us, understand us. At times they might provide us with some decent, logical solutions too.
    So yes, to help someone, we should seem approachable, and for being that we need to be a good listener first, and then comes anything else.

    1. Akhila Post author

      thanks Aditi…you are right, a good listener can only be an approachable person. And it should be felt to the other person that it’s not a problem for us to be helpful

  8. Hemangini

    It’s really important to be approachable but seriously it is quite difficult in public sectors because then you become loaded with work and you have to be a tiny bit rude to make people do their work as well.

  9. Akhila Post author

    oh.. that’s such a tedious work…. it’s easy to correct when there is no much stuff in the papers..;)

    1. mywords331

      But the students…they fill pages whether right or wrong and we have to go through whatever content they write.


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