She 1: I would like to do that

She 2: Oh such a silly thing….

She 3: Leave it yaar…this is not how it has to be.

She 1: Should I leave it..?

She 4: You should not leave it, only because of these words. It could be silly or not, thoughtful or not, but it’s your own interest. It should not be altered merely on hearing some negative words. Yes, you can think more on those negative vibes, but finally you must have an unbiased mind. You must have that willpower to decide your path against the so called society presumptions.

She 5: So never pay attention to “This is how it has to be” messages. And never be bothered on hearing words like “don’t talk such silly rubbish stuffs”. You only have the right to decide what all rubbishes to be played upon and no one else.

She 1: Thanks dears, I understand

Silly or not, thoughtful or not, never leave one’s interest merely on consuming some demotivating vibes from the environs. Just go with one’s own unbiased confident mind.”

0 thoughts on “Society presumptions

  1. Good morning, Akhi!
    Such powerful words to start your morning with. Absolutely agree. Never let the negative vibes pull you or your thoughts or interests down.
    Have an upbeat and interesting day!

    1. thank you so much dear Nitha…often we hear these words of negative vibes, in the form of prejudice ..isnt it.. we need to break the barriers of such presumptions

  2. Great.. I have always been doing whats right and what interests me and not the one society tells.. And I have been doing good so far. So irrespective of gender u should chose path where ur passion drives u

  3. Showing the courage to free ourself from the mould of society is the best thing we can do against a society which ask you to follow it blindly.
    ‘Great work, loved it ✌✌

  4. It might be hard to move against and unleash from the chains of society presumptions..but we are living our we should decide and go on with what we like and love..

  5. I’m so glad I read this post. It’s sad that in today’s world, people have started living to please and live upto the standards and norms set by society, regardless of whether their true happiness lies in them. This fear of society is killing the youth. We need more voices like you. Very inspiring.

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