He loves me, he loves me not  – The thrill of uncertainties

Certain or uncertain..?

Uncertainties are always accompanied with so many ups and downs.  And no one will love to have a life full of uncertainties.

But if everything are certain, what thrill can appear in life? If life is going on just as expected, won’t it be too boring?

So there is something stimulating us in those uncertainties, like “He loves me, he loves me not” scenario. The thrill of anticipation drives us even if the end results are not much appreciable.

Appreciate uncertainty as it comes up with opportunities and makes life thrilling

87 thoughts on “He loves me, he loves me not  – The thrill of uncertainties

  1. Its the unknown that has always attracted man to carve his own destiny. If all were known, man would become too complacent even to move a finger. Curiosity, uncertainty and the whys of the world aid in evolution. Did i take it to another tangent? 😛

    1. You are absolutely right…nothing wrong in your dimensions.. it’s the unpredictable nature of the universe which makes us continue our explorations and create wonders in the world

    1. yes Bikram… infact it is really tough when things not clear in front of you.. but as you said, there is something spicy and beautiful inspiring us..

  2. Its like when its good its wonderful, when its bad its experience 🙂

    Uncertainty is must in ones life, it actually make our life thrilling and by this we get to know our capability to deal with it…

  3. Good morning, Akhi!
    Absolutely! The thrill of uncertainty is very exciting. How boring life would be if everything was clear and certain.
    Have a super exciting day, Akhi!

  4. A very true message you have given here, Akhila. Life’s beauty is the fact that it is unpredictable and it is waking up in the morning with no idea of what is going to happen that makes it a glorious adventure 😀

      1. Yes dear in this world of duality we have to weigh our pros and cons and then will we know where to go, we all have to go thru this roller coaster. Akhila give your feedback and let me know if you liked the poem i wrote on That is Living.

  5. According to inserberg uncertainties principles… No two act can be understand sumitaneously for that’s what makes life not to be boring . Cause trying to understand it make life move on

  6. The question has been put: would you want to know just when you were going to die? Would you live life more fully? Or is it best to have it unknown? It could be scary to know….

      1. Maybe the two are parts of the same organism really and you just can’t have one without the other. Like light and dark; it’s the parts of a thing that make it whole?

    1. I agree, it would be scary and I know i would totally focus on the when and wonder about the how and not enjoy what time I have left. For me, ignorance is bliss in this situation…

  7. the unknown does hold some excitement and attraction but when it comes to does he love me or not, I would like to know for sure… 🙂 nice writing and thanks for giving us something to think about. Michelle

  8. Our situation can lead to uncertainty. However, our faith can make us certain. My new adult novel warns of gangs and their negative influence on students. ‘What If I Go?’ is out 31st January and empowers women. Check out the realistic story. Download soon via publisher, Solstice in US. http://solsticepublishing.com/

  9. I am in an uncertain phase of my life right now, confusion is at its highest and I am happy… I can’t believe it you know? hehe this is a wonderful post. 😀 Thanks…

    Have a wonderful night Akhila. Sleep tight.

  10. Akhila! You always write about something I ponder about! Just few days back I was discussing with a friend about how life would be if we know our future already and concluded that it would be boring and it is this uncertainty of life that makes it interesting and what motivates us in life!
    Great post ♥

  11. Hahaha..!! =D Yes..telepathy 😉
    True…common things that we tend to ignore and not think about…

  12. In this journey I understood that love is not uncertain of you don’t have any pre conditions.. whether she loves me or not doesn’t stop me from loving her.. because it’s a divine feeling… 🙂

      1. Thank you so very much.. I think it’s because of the love that I understood and carried for her.. Her name will always be in my heart.. and soul.. she gave me this mindset after severing all connections for me.. I hope she is fine wherever she is.. my constant prayers for her helps me to survive all this pain.. !! May be someday god will listen and she will realise this someday and may come back.. 🙂

  13. That drill was memorable as it became quite scary when we suddenly saw those Naga rebels with best of their weapons… we were standstill for more than 15mins… so that we can escape their notice..

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