Take a step back and laugh at yourself

It was a nice blunder. But I had no work around other than informing the concerned person. I had that habit of thinking over it and stressing myself earlier. But this time, I felt it better. Why things should be taken too seriously as someone says in lost art..?

This time, I felt no jumpiness in my stomach. Anyway, I was quite sure that no one else would be affected other than myself, if something bad happens. So this time, I was able to manage the pressure. There is no right or wrong way to live life, so why should I be worried. After all it’s all my priority and comfort that matters.

I expected a clean bowled after that blunder. But to my wonder, everything was back to normal next day morning with a reassuring mail from the concerned person.

Take a step back and laugh at yourself on your blunders and get rid of the worries.

58 thoughts on “Take a step back and laugh at yourself

  1. What a great post and such wise advice. I certainly feel that life has become too serious and my best memories were always moments of laughter, so why not start by taking back, as you say, and laugh at myself. I forgot how funny I can be – funny acting, not funny looking 🙂
    Peace, Harlon

    1. Thanks harlon. As you said, we will cherish those fun moments only on a long run. Life is too short to be nervous all time…why should we waste it, spoiling all the fun moments…

  2. Ya..it needs that less critic mind.. We always try to criticize ourselves, like mind says us, you did it bad, you could have done in a better way. And very few only have that sense of humour to enjoy the fun in their deeds

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      1. I cannot say that i always laugh but it also depends on the seriousness of the issues. Some times i simply let it go. And i also don’t hesitate to ask for forgiveness if i have done sonething wrong. I have laughed on my mistakes several times but frankly speaking not always as sometimes you have to deal accordingly.

  4. Yes and but that is how today people have become, all have got so scared and the writer is so true by saying that if Snow White and his prince were here at this time we all would be making a big hue and cry.

  5. Harsh, need not be stupidities always..it could be the loss of something which you were long awaiting…and even then, if we are able to laugh, life becomes smoother

  6. We are only human, and mistakes/blunders prove that. Else we would be programmed machines incapable of thinking and following orders, isn’t it?

  7. so true……i always worry too much when other people are involved…….when its just me……who cares……i make fun of my habit….laugh….but that seems to encourage that habit……. 🙂 🙂

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