Pay attention to your meal

By | January 21, 2017

The mentor always noticed what is being unsaid. But he couldn’t catch her attention. It was neither of their faults, but obviously she was the loser as she didn’t observe him to learn how to be an observant.

11 thoughts on “Pay attention to your meal

  1. Akhila Post author

    Lol…so tell me how many pieces you had…let me check whether you paid full attention

  2. thewritewomanblog

    Indeed, she was the loser! I am wonderstruck at the way your brain is wired, Akhi, your thought processes are amazing giving rise to notions that let ‘normal’ humans like me reading, reading and reading once again! Keep them coming!

  3. thewritewomanblog

    As long as we, your readers or followers or friends, find your thoughts new and refreshing, it will keep you inspired to read more, research more to get new insights. Simply spend an evening with a kid, kids give you much more than all the encyclopedia in the world can sum up, trust me on that !


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