Regular doses of hugs & kisses

By | February 2, 2017

Something haunting her

From the bottom of heart

She is so restive that she

Can’t bear this anymore.

Among the various whys

Strained to find the best fit

Nothing in step with her pain

She is drowned in deep love.

Her soul is burning to no end

No one can pacify her heart’s fuss

All she wants is to be with him,

With regular doses of hugs n kisses.

52 thoughts on “Regular doses of hugs & kisses

  1. Gastradamus

    chocolates can help if your homesick or need love. Its been forever, would mean a great deal to have more of your feedback. Please check out Lardy Arms… Queen Kong and I and rutjob, be there or be square

      1. Josh

        Monthly once post ennanu plan from this year.. pinne fav bloggers ne read cheyyan idak vannu ponu 🙂

  2. boundlessblessingsblog

    Wow Akhila so cute and loved the ending of your poem “All she wants is to be with him, With regular doses of hugs n kisses”. So beautiful and who would not want that to be loved and cosy.

  3. Rashid Abbasi

    In psychology they say that first thing that a baby needs after birth is touch of their parents. We somehow try to manage with the lack of touch after growing up.

  4. thewritewomanblog

    Missing someone really bad, Akhi, or is it the gearing up for Valentine’s day! Lots of love in there, beautiful my dear friend. Hope ‘she’ gets her dose of hugs and kisses!

  5. aishahnaaz

    This is beautiful chechi! I saw myself in her. I wrote a similar thing some time ago because I’m going through something similar. 😉 I have this huge crush on someone who don’t have any feelings back. 😛 but I can’t post it here cuz he’d see it and I don’t want to ruin the friendship we have.

    1. Akhila Post author

      Oh..angineyano…sheril enkil parayu..aal ippo evideya…
      Btwn, ithu anginathe reciprocate cheyyatha crush onnum alla, tto.. Just my real life..

  6. Joker Shayar

    ha ha an old saying with a twist came in my mind 😛

    An apple a day,
    keeps the doctor away.. 🙂

    but if the doctor is cute,
    then forget the fruit.. ! 😉


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