She is not an object

She is not a toy for men’s pleasure. Everywhere we see protest going on against female trading. Yes, many a times, she is trapped into prostitution.

Even then, there is another side for this objectification. She herself accounts herself as an object for his satisfaction. She is treating herself as a sex object. She is stereotyped to live in that way. And rarely does she understand her own mind-trap. It’s all about interpretation.

So Girls, wake up and most importantly awaken your sisters.

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  1. Absolutely true Akhila, we all have been trapped too long have to get up and dare to live our lives the way we want. A great post and yes the woman too become very complacent once they enter this field.

  2. more complicated!

    prostitution is a full fledged profession, I think we should respect the people who are involved rather than look down on them, (men and women), make laws so that they are not abused or ill treated because they are in flesh trade!

      1. Objectification is more complicated that this! it requires a series of conversation. you should have been there when we were making fun of being a misogynist last night and how every phrase and act we do, can be misogynistic and objectification, and how it is that natural!

  3. Prostitution is Carried out illegally. Girls are being abducted, tricked and pushed into flesh trading. They are forced. They don’t go all by themselves

      1. It comes down to joint responsibility between government and society to ensure adequate opportunities. But without education, there is no chance of attitudes and understanding improving.

      1. I agree. And the only way to alter that mentality is through education, I think. The education of both boys and girls to understand that women have the same rights as men, and deserving of the same respect.

      2. They way a child is treated since birth..the cultural and stereotypical impacts…everything accounts. And she needs to realise this irrespective of being a prostitute or not

  4. Yes she is not an object to play with. But uneducated, orphan girls are often dragged into this shameful act, just for money. This must come to an end, but corrupt men don’t let it happen. What we all can do is spread awareness….

    1. Spreading awareness and helping our sisters to raise their own esteem. Infact this happens not only with female trading, even in every common houses…

    2. I am sorry ! I was just reading all comments , I noticed you have used the word uneducated , orphan girl
      Sorry but I experienced in real life most of well educated and modern society girl are involved because of their high life style and in Delhi NCR call girl service providers are running their services with the help of them .
      Topic is so wide so I would like to say awareness should be first priority

      1. Yes I agree that awareness should be the first priority. We can understand about uneducated and orphan girls,but why educated girls are involved I don’t know. Maybe because of addictions or maybe for money.
        I think they all are aware of their shameful act, but their addictions drag them there.

  5. The way we see women and the way we treat them (and each other) has to change! Beautiful words, Akhila. Let’s hope a lot of people will listen to them 🙂

  6. 🙁 An incident of my life… 🙁
    Not only uneducated girl , educated girls also use this way to get easy money…
    and sometimes their situation force them to do so and they start loving this life not caring about their image in the society. They don’t damn care about anyone!!!
    Much experienced about this thing

    1. Thanks for Sharing another picture of the reality. Yes there are girls like that.. They are least bothered on societal image..and yes, why should they…

  7. It’s a result of cultural conditioning. Women have fallen victim for patriarchy for many years. Glorification of motherhood was also a big ploy of the patriarchal society. To be honest many women are not ready to break the cages and free their mind. Getting married at a particular age and if someone doesn’t making her look like a failure and breaking her confidence is also a way of the patriarchal society to oppress women. women have to understand fact she can offer much more than her body. Having said that , there are lot of women who are gold diggers … If you know what I mean ..

    1. Sorry it is the result of modern society !
      I don’t want any debate so I am not gonna taking any mess but every question have perfect answer
      So please don’t blame our culture .
      Culture don’t say to any man go and use the women atleast Hinduism does not have any lession like this
      So please don’t distract the topic .
      I am so sorry I can’t help it cz I am outspoken and little bit weird

          1. Everyone has their own opinions. it’s one’s call to take it seriously or not.. it doesnt actually imply that the other side was wrong.. Interpretations varies while the ultimate intention is not to treat her as an object.

      1. Yes I read that not means history is Hinduism , which event you have discussed was just bad memory but you also know what was the end of that bad event
        Ravan was killed and in Mahabharata pandava killed the all kauravs
        Also bhim took out the blood of that person who tried to touch the draupadi .
        But why you will care about them
        Cz you wanted to do sarcasm

        1. But what about the man who would abuse his wife and treat her as an object ? What of the man who abandoned his wife ? If Ravan was bad how could sita be called as chaste woman ? If sita is chaste why call Ravan bad ? What of the man who indulged in violence against a woman for just proposing him ?

  8. Who said to you ?
    You still have not answered
    Have you ever read any Purana !
    After make any sarcasm
    I know you have lot of problems with word Hinduism but all will be cleared if you read atleast 10-20 pages of any Purana

        1. How in the world did I miss this! Are the thoughts still confused or clear right now, Akhi? Can I jump in and start of? A ready 😛 Been long since there has been a blog comment riot discussion

  9. Reblogged this on Dreams Unintended and commented:
    Sharing these lings of Pakistani Poet “Sara Shagufta” here with you all :

    औरत का बदन ही उसका वतन नहीं होता, वह कुछ और भी है !
    पौरुष का परचम लिए घूमने वालों, औरत जमीन नहीं कुछ और भी है..!!

    Woman’s body is not her only homeland, She is something else too..

    TO all, who are waving the flag of Manhood everywhere, the woman is not a land or property only, She means something else too.. !!

  10. wonderful and eye opening post. Girl/women aren’t objects they are people who keep pushing people to be successful, one who could stand by his man’s side when he enjoys his success..:)

  11. This post has got a lot of attention and definitely a lot of opinions. I think it is a little more than just culture or education. I think that for a society to function, a man and a woman should align themselves and their rights in harmony as one cannot live without the other. Education and awareness is the key but respecting one self is equally important. Respecting yourself as much as you respect one another will create the right balance, a full- fledged war on proving one sex better than the other is only going to cause more anger that further brings up a very confused generation of people.

  12. Reblogged this on femininematerz and commented:
    This post by Akhila really caught my attention. Girls, women, sisters, ladies you are not an object, you are a human being with purpose. You are not a sex object to live only to satisfy men… You are much more.

    1. You know jacque, even while we blame on these patriarchal system, there is one thing which is easily ignored.. that’s her attitude towards the issue. Many a times she is only objectifying herself, treating herself as a sex object, and its not the man to be blamed for that. And yes, she was tuned to live in that way and now it requires immense pressure to make her understand the real scenario..

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