Guest              : Yesterday I went your shut home, just a casual visit to ensure things are in place in your absence. On the way I met your neighbour, Mr B.

House owner   : Oh, it’s so kind of you to go and check my shut home. Between Mr B knows that I am not there right now.

Guest              : But Mr B didn’t tell that you were not there at home. Usually he used to share me your status whenever he is aware.

House owner   : Then why not this time?

Guest              : Actually I found Mr B rushing to something. So he might have forgotten to tell me your status. Otherwise he wouldn’t let me go your shut home. Anyways it’s not a big deal as I was purposefully going there to check your home.

House owner   : Ya, Mr B might have forgotten being busy. I really appreciate your constructive way of thinking.

 It’s not the positivity in your thoughts that matters more; instead it’s the balanced vision that is really accountable.

0 thoughts on “Balanced Vision

    1. thank you.. infact many a times, we fail to read the other side of the story, just interpret things as seen infront of us with that suspicious eye.

  1. people who see life in a positve mode will not have this problem of suspicion. And people who sees the good things will see everything good in any situation. Thats not wasy need a lot of understanding and belief.

  2. Yes! Balance in everything. Just look at the planets and stars. All forces positive, negative and neutral are all in balance. If one has any more pull than the other, they would not stay in a perfect orbit. Balance is harmony. Great post!

  3. It is so easy to misunderstand people when faced with unfavourable situations and that’s when it becomes most important to keep a level head.
    The above dialogue was by and large a depiction of an ideal world.

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