41 thoughts on “Female Behaviour-14

  1. exoticnita54

    If only they realized its a compliment to have men admire his girl..

    It actually means he is
    got a girl worth having..

    Poor fools…

  2. Akhila Post author

    Yes bikram.. That’s what exactly i was replying to talkaholicme in the previous comment. It’s a true

      1. DARKLOVE9095

        Not difference actually but it’s getting hard for me to understand what a woman will be expecting at a certain moment. Hopefully I will sooner.

  3. tingleurtastebuds

    Actually I would say we women give freedom to men about their looking at other girls but they get a bit annoyed when you do the same. Hehe. I can relate it a lot. Not when some one is looking at me but when I say that this actor is handsome ……… LOL

    1. Akhila Post author

      Ha ha.. I get you meena and i am quite sure that you will be telling that statement very often,just to tease him

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