Some moments, some memories left in past knowingly

Some memories are hidden in past knowingly. It need not be a memory inhibition (inhibiting or not remembering irrelevant information), as the thoughts were relevant to you in the past. Still your conscious mind forced you to forget some past moments. And even your subconscious mind was tuned to believe that ‘If it’s not for me, let it go and if it’s for me it will come to me, till then I don’t have to think about that’

And then on a day, there happens some triggers poking them.

Still you are confused, whether it’s real or not. No, it’s not a dream, it happens in present-day only. They are the lively clues.

Maybe it’s the reason for something new. Can go with that and accept the risk while regaining repressed memories?

Or maybe it’s the liberation of not only conscious self, but the sub conscious self also. 😉


This is not a perfect translation of ആകാശഗംഗ.. still some part of that..

24 thoughts on “Some moments, some memories left in past knowingly

    1. Yes Praja.. it is a tough decision.. but when something reappears, we believe it naturally, no.. like it is how it has to be, that’s why reappeared..such thoughts would be dominating..isn’t it..

    1. Ya.,l but when the memories come back with evidences we cling to them, we can’t push them back as it appears n real mode

  1. Good morning, Akhi!
    Nostalgic aaano?
    So true, we all have those memories hidden in the deepest crevices of our busy minds that will come to life during a discussion, during quite moments, during strange moments when you least expect, or it will just stand before you and look at you in the eyes.
    Standing before you can throw you off your guard but I think it is a liberation of your subconscious and conscious self!

  2. Everything happens for a reason…written by preeti shenoy..but I am not thinking about her…but why she is still coming to my dreams..and she is the only girl who comes to my dreams

  3. You kept me thinking, and thinking more, and again thinking a lot more,
    I don’t know what I am trying to say, just as my subconscious never knows if it is actually feeling anything or has become immune or it just doesn’t let me know anything.

  4. I like it when a memory comes flashing in to my mind and I wonder at how real the sensations are that come with the memory – I smell the smell, taste the tastes and feel the touch of a loved one. the mind is an amazing repository of memories that can leak into our daily life as a result of surprising prompts. 🙂 Thanks Akhila, you have me thinking 🙂

  5. Yes. Sometimes I also feel the same way. If we have left some thing in the past, and if it comes back again in front of us, does it mean is it our destiny? Or its again a trap? Who knows. It’s life. Completely unpredictable.. Haha..

    Have a good day Akhila.. 🙂

    1. Thanks Jackie.. I am really glad that you got my post perfectly.. is it a trap or destiny.. that’s the question.. who knows..

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