She was abused..

She was tormented physically and mentally. But she survived even while being on the emotional edges.

She stood her grounds. She proved that she will survive even with a new born baby in her hands. She can’t shut all mouths around her. But she kept her chin always up.

There are many such She’s around us. But who cares?  People may care to torture her further instead of appreciating her rebirth. Alas.. !

36 thoughts on “She was abused..

  1. Sad plight indeed. I loved the last line ” She always kept her chin up.” She never let anything get to her. She is strong. I hope that the other “she”s out there have her strength.

  2. It is a painful truth, but some of us can sure be there to support her instead of criticising her.
    She is one strong person to keep her chin up.
    PS: words are just not sufficient to define her strength.

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