Oh! My dictionary has become food for ants.  Did they enter the bookbinding to learn some new words and mock at me?

I literally had to struggle to kick them out of my book. So many were killed during the process though not cautiously. I was a little bit worried on seeing them losing their lives. But did I have any other options to save my dictionary?

Seems my mirror neurons (The neurons which fires your empathy and allows you to grasp the emotions of others) are activated a little bit. But still am I really guilty for what I did? I can’t kill an animal or a bird. (Not because of my goodness but to save myself from the guilty feeling) If my mirror neurons are working then, why not fully in the case of these poor ants? If I could hear them crying, maybe I wouldn’t have.. Is it like that..? I donno actually.

An afterthought: Actually why do we need to have this weird phenomenon of empathy causing all these confusions? Actually is it really empathy or selfishness as I posted in Painful..

11 thoughts on “Mirror neurons

  1. But Comeon! If you don’t kill them…you regret later. I many time left mosquitoes alive just to wake up to itching bites.
    And tell u one thing…an ant made its way to my daughter’s socks and bit her and my dear…do you know how it feels after that???

  2. I believe empathy is hugely important and is what keeps most of us able to care about one another. But certainly not some people, such as the most recent terrorists….

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