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I can never dislike you

By | June 29, 2017

Many a times, I wondered why I couldn’t throw people out of my life when their crooked eyes are discomforting me. Then I thought, there won’t be much harm they caused me or causing me to dislike them. May be it’s my fault to place them in those crooked seats. Again I was not quite… Read More »

The unquenchable thirst

By | June 28, 2017

He met her. Knew that it was someone else’s wife. Initially it was just a fascination,  then love and later it turned out to be a thought to own her, a harmful obsession. Is this not the same feeling ruling rapists..? Are they also having the similar obsession, may be on a different rate..? (To make… Read More »

Loss or a missed gain?

By | June 22, 2017

Do you worry upon the risk of loss? or Do you worry upon the risk of a missed gain? You may be insensitive to losses and gain, well, obviously it is much appreciated. But what if you need to pick any one of the above two options..;)

Making love or Melting heart?

By | June 21, 2017

Making love increases emotional initimacy, he says. A heart to heart increases emotional intimacy, she says.


By | June 20, 2017

I am lost in a cloudy dusk With desperate rainy eyes I am harsh and heartless With chaos over my crown I am striving for that serenity With freezing blood in my heart

Monday Notion

By | June 19, 2017

Do check it if it appeared a little strange. It might have something to tell you.


By | June 16, 2017

ഇല്ല, ഇനി ഞാന്‍ നിന്നെ കൈ വിട്ടുകളയില്ല. ഇത്തവണ എന്തായാലും ഞാന്‍ കെയര്‍ഫുള്‍ ആയിരിക്കും.എന്നെ പറ്റിച്ചു കടന്നു കളയാമെന്നു നീയും കരുതണ്ട. ഓങ്കാരമുരുവിട്ടുകൊണ്ട് ഞാന്‍ നിന്നെ ബന്ധിക്കട്ടെ. ശരി, ഞാന്‍ കണ്ണടക്കുന്നു. എന്നെ ഒളിച്ചു കടക്കാമെന്നു കരുതണ്ട. കണ്ണടക്കുമ്പോളെന്തിനാ ഇരുട്ട് വരുന്നത്? കണ്‍പോളകള്‍ ഇല്ലായിരുന്നെകില്‍ എന്‍റെ കണ്ണു തുറന്നല്ലെ കിടക്കുന്നത്. അപ്പൊ പിന്നെ, കണ്‍പോളകള്‍ അടച്ചാലും കണ്ണിനു അതിനു മുന്പിലുള്ള വസ്തുവിനെ സെന്‍സ് ചെയ്യാന്‍ പറ്റേണ്ടതല്ലെ, അതായതു കണ്ണടച്ചിരിക്കുമ്പോള്, അടഞ്ഞ കണ്‍പൊളയല്ലേ കാണേണ്ടത്? അല്ലാതെ ഇരുട്ടും മനസ്സിലാകാത്ത കുറെ… Read More »

Not excited by Pleasant Things?

By | June 15, 2017

No fun with tales? No worry on horrors? No interest in new things/places/persons? No expression on shocks? Reflex action is built-in nature of any living creature. Won’t it be a little bit awkward, if we cannot be excited by some extremely good positive things and cannot enjoy the moment, as others do ? But don’t… Read More »

Defined Brows

By | June 14, 2017

The expert: Check, if it’s okay Me: Here, see..There is one more left, aunt The expert: Yes dear.. I have seen it… But removing the same might lead to a gap or a thinner arch. Me: Oh.. So let me nurture it further. Then we will see. The expert: So I will leave it as… Read More »

Work when it's not easy..

By | June 13, 2017

The favourable ambiance marks the difference between “Just get it done” and “Get it done better” It’s easy to go ahead when everything is favorable. And then things are just accomplished. No more thoughts, no more questions, no more answers, just done in the way it is expected. Now what happens when it’s not easy,… Read More »