Defined Brows

By | June 14, 2017

The expert: Check, if it’s okay

Me: Here, see..There is one more left, aunt

The expert: Yes dear.. I have seen it… But removing the same might lead to a gap or a thinner arch.

Me: Oh.. So let me nurture it further. Then we will see.

The expert: So I will leave it as such for the time being. After a couple of weeks, we will make it better.

Me: Deal….

After thought: Why should I be concerned about the single hair which didn’t pass through the rhythmic movement of twisted double strands of cotton thread? After all I don’t have any photo shoots.  Then the second mind asks me “What’s wrong in thinking about the finer parts if it could make you feel better?”  ;)

30 thoughts on “Defined Brows

  1. Akhila Post author

    Ah.. of course .. get it done.. a little pain is worth once done. 😉

  2. thewritewomanblog

    Well I think if a job has to be done, it ought to be done well. An eyebrow tweeze has to be done the way it is meant to be done, to perfection of course. So it does matter if we overlook that single strand of hair that makes it less than perfect.

  3. Charvi Tandon

    Umm I meant how we see it …….
    May be wholistically
    Or breaking things in a part …..
    Whole or some
    Details or full

  4. Akhila Post author

    Haha…. yeah…it’s funny actually..why we should we overthink it…

  5. Lathiya

    Same here ,sometimes I think I have to groom well but at next thought will think let people accept me as I

    1. Akhila Post author

      Thanks pragalbha…actually I too had that little doubt if I am going to confuse you…good that it was clear at the end..

    1. Akhila Post author

      Lol… It’s funny actually… A couple weeks later the same process reprats

  6. Saloni

    This made my day! 🙂 9 times out of 10 I leave ‘that one hair’ on my brow, to live out it’s full life. Forgetting about it the second I leave the salon 😉 Your thoughts are amazing.


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