Too good to trust

By | July 18, 2017

“Ma’am don’t worry, I can do everything for you. You please Waite here. I will be back in ten minutes. I don’t want you to run behind all those files. It’s my job  to ensure your satisfaction. So in the mean time please relax and have a cup of coffee, I will be back soon”

In her mind: “hmm… too good to trust”

21 thoughts on “Too good to trust

  1. Aneesh

    Ithilum Valiya Vaagdaanangal Swapnangalil Maathram!!
    Benevolent Sexism!
    What happened afterwards?
    I mean was the hunch right?

      1. thewritewomanblog

        That was you asking that ‘generous’ helper what else he/she has in mind other than just a pretend help strategy. 😉

  2. tingleurtastebuds

    India’s competitive environment always makes us to think if everything is ok. No one is too good. We came to India last week and when I was trolleying my bags outside a girl came to be with few books that were 2500 Rs or even 3000 Rs. She gave me four such knowledgeable books for just 2000 and am like is there any trick in it. Can I trust them ?? Was the thought running. But it was a free campaign they were doing to promote the publishing company. So minds need to relax and start trusting.

    1. Akhila Post author

      It need not be due to a competitive mindset…otherwise also possible….whatever may be, over goodness makes us doubtful

    1. Akhila Post author

      How is that relaxing possible, when such things are heard all day around us


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