My maiden venture – Know Them

Learning a new process is always a challenging task in the beginning. But little by little we get used to that, we start to explore more, and finally it hits on the target.

That’s the moment of satisfaction…..the moment of enjoying the meaningfulness of determination.

Yes, I learned a new process, the process of self-publishing

So here it goes

My first book – Know Them: One Answer To Many Questions 


63 thoughts on “My maiden venture – Know Them

      1. I did on Amazon… I took down this year and planning to go paperback.. Hmm well I would say unless if you can good reader space don’t do it.. But if you wanna try no matter

        1. Thanks.. I really value that bit of advice…paperback in Amazon itself?
          As you said, I just wanna give a try…anyways I am detached from the results..

          1. You can try paperback on Amazon too.. but I wanna contact publishers not myself.. I still had 50 copies sold.. Mostly out of blog

          2. You advertise yourself. Some from blog may buy it.. I had 2500 followers few bought it I think.. All my real life friend asked me free copy 😉

        1. Haha.. you are right… I always add up something to my list when I am used to the previous item… so blogging became a kind of routine for me, so it was time for adding something new… about you dear

          1. You seem to have done a great job,
            As of me July was a little hectic for me, and August seems simple as of now! Not much trouble until of course late september knocks in!

  1. I’m impressed. I’ve really wondered about this self publishing thing. Seems like more and more of my blogging friends are doing it. I question how many make money and is it worth the effort?

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