Ready for an argument?

By | August 12, 2017

Do argue if you are confident on returns, otherwise quietly quit and act on your own.

In our daily life, we all undergo different kinds of argument with our co-workers, family members, friends etc.

An argument could be constructive or destructive. Constructive is pretty clear, i.e. if we want to make something clarified we will argue and come up with outputs.

Destructive arguments happen more frequently or rather naturally. Somehow, we will be tempted to do it, forgetting about surroundings, outcomes etc. There is no value which we gain out of such argument, rather than simply losing our energy and finally ending up with some sort of negative vibrations around us.

If those assignments are of planned stuffs, normally we will have some expected results- may be positive or negative. For unplanned arguments, initially we won’t be realizing that we are falling in to it. But definitely after a moment, we will realize that our voice is increasing or temper is getting lost. And at the very next moment, just analyse the direction of argument. If you are sure of returns, continue the argument. Otherwise just pause, think and quit [ and yes go with your rights]

25 thoughts on “Ready for an argument?

  1. Di

    There can never be a magic pill for this. Arguments are just another means for communication. You cannot always have a constructive argument; there are times when built up emotions and frustrations needs to be let loose; care however should be taken to leave it at that. it is when we carry the baggage of these arguments around that its affects a lot of things we do. … easier said than done:)

          1. Sakthi

            being a experienced woman, you should know how to handle it 🙂 but you say its tough!

          2. Akhila Post author

            oh.. If I get a chance, may be I will have to. But any way not at all in my dreams..

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  3. boundlessblessingsblog

    Completely understand and agree totally with your words Akhila why argue when nothing is happening and no one is wanting to keep quiet just move away and so many times these arguments lead to animosity and relationships breaking up

    1. tashas-tales

      Totally with you! If I can avoid unnecessary confrontation, then I will!


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