Do you take advantage of every situation?

Both of them were confused.

One asked “Which one should we opt?” The other replied “Actually I wish to learn both. Learning a new thing is always challenging. But I am ready to accept the challenge and move on”

The first girl “But we don’t have a chance to opt both, we can take only one of them. It’s difficult to identify the better one”

The second girl was still in her thoughts on learning both.

Then one of their favourite teacher appeared on their way. Both of them greeted her and had some casual talks. The first girl used the chance to share their confusion with her. And the teacher could add some new perspectives to their problem and obviously it helped the girls. And finally they could come up with a solution for their problem.

In fact in different ways, we are all surrounded with tons of information. But rarely do we pay attention to those signals around us or rarely we collect something out of it. Here the information appeared in the form of teacher and the first girl could use it to her advantage.

The second girl was not completely unobservant about the world around her. But the point is she couldn’t take advantage of the situation.

So are you able to take advantage of every situation whenever possible?

24 thoughts on “Do you take advantage of every situation?

  1. It depends. There are some who need advice from others while there are other people who are confident enough to make their own choices. It’s all about taking a decision and proving it right over the course of time.

    1. Agree with you darshith.. But my point was how well you are able to use the environment and gather information out of it…we do some casual talks with someone and after some time we say like, “oh, he might be knowing how to solve this..I just forgot to ask him”…

  2. For me all depends on the situation..and the person in front of me ..I calculate all pros and cons then decide …
    Happy Teacher’s Day Ma’am for always keeping me on the path and motivating 🙂

  3. We must take advantage of situations but again is not that based on the situation of the situation. Some things are better left not taken advantage of. You need to be sharp and aware of what you can do to get the best of every situation but it is human to sometimes let go.

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