Escape from dilution

By | September 14, 2017

Day 1: “I am running late, so let me skip the morning work out . I am doing it regularly, so no issues if I skip on a  day”

Day 2: “It’s heavily raining. Seems I cannt go out for jogging. Will go tomorrow for sure”

Day 3: ” Having some pain in my legs. Better if I take rest today and skip the work out”

Day 4 : <<…….>>

No harm if you dilute things once or twice. And only the first time, you will have a reluctance to skip that [ dilute your routine]. There after you will get used to the dilution process 😉

So have that realistic plan of action as Doctor Jonathan mentioned here  if you really wanna be physically fit.

And escape from dilution.

33 thoughts on “Escape from dilution

  1. Kurian

    Totally okay Akhila. I am sure you’ll catch up on your workout. And do take care of the leg pain. Perhaps you can consider a change (may be dilution) like yoga.
    Or does swimming sound ok to you?
    It’s raining heavily here in Kochi now and I am in my balcony enjoying the rain.
    And in the evening is my all weather swimming.
    There’s a dilution though. I was planning to go out and get a few coconuts for making virgin coconut oil. I want to do it today.
    I think it’s great to share healthy plans and get support from like minded people.
    I am keen

    1. Akhila Post author

      Thanks for your kind words and concern..I am alright and it was just some generic excuses that I have added in the post… I was on vacation for one week and now picking up with my routine exercises …

      1. Kurian

        Actually Akhila, this I think is an example of how we in this forum support each other.
        I was genuinely concerned even though we don’t know each other personally.
        The reason why it’s special here

  2. radhikasreflection

    I can relate to this Akhila. Though I am very meticulous and organised by nature, somehow when it comes to exercise the same situation that you have written replays many a times!

  3. Mataindah

    This happens with me quite often (weekly once ) his point is clear be healthy you need regular input …

    1. Akhila Post author

      Yeah laziness is the biggest enemy which is powerful enough to find excuses to move away from your routine

    1. Akhila Post author

      Exactly… that was the whole essence of the post though I focused on exercises and I am really glad that you caught it very well

  4. Akhila Post author

    Thanks shivangi….too much can spoil your pattern, so as you said, better to be in that realistic pattern…


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