Voice modulation

By | September 30, 2017

His voice was never rude even while fed up with the disobedience of his disciples. Never he shouted at them how much tempted he was. He had that patience to keep all them under an umbrella.

And finally without any voice modulation he said to one of them who was at the peak of disobedience, ” If you don’t like to obey the rules or if you don’t want to folllow what is taught, you are free to leave the place”

I know the importance of voice modulation in a public meeting or in any kind of conferences. But here I found what he did was very apt. An angry voice may keep the kids silent for a few minutes, but it can never be useful on a long run, more over could be even harmful too..

hmm.. having that control over one’s own voice is very much essential..above to the reflexive kind of voice modulation, one need to train their own voice to suit to the situation.


8 thoughts on “Voice modulation

  1. ravisidula

    Yes, but at times things may also be taken for granted. I think its a phase. One would follow the act of patience initially but over a period of time they would burst having the limit reached. The other side should also realize the importance of discipline over a period of time 🙂

  2. thewritewomanblog

    I agree, you need full control of your voice and the situation. Sometimes being firm helps and at other times, your sweet, cajoling voice is the only way out!


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