Stairs to your souls

By | November 3, 2017

Whimsical waves humming for you

Welcoming you all to my new home

Tweaks and polishes are going on though,

I am thrilled to be dancing with words

While making these stairs to your souls

Hello!!!! I’m back! I know I’ve been silent here for a week. Now I am so thrilled to greet you all in my self-hosted blog. All of my followers from wordpress community are transferred to this new blog.

Why don’t you have a look around my new home? If you face any abnormalities, please let me know.

Join me on this new journey, rooted in your own love.

11 thoughts on “Stairs to your souls

    1. Akhila Post author

      Between, are my posts appearing in your wordpress reader? [wondering why I am not getting it in reader in the usual way. 😉 ]

      1. Josh

        Today I got the notification and I responded. All these days I didn’t received any feeds, thought you in hibernation☺️
        Apparently there is glitches when you migrate.. Being a techi you can kill the issues I suppose! Glad to see you back on my readers list ☺️


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