“Never you are left alone. Always there is a workaround if something fails. Believe in those conspiracies of universe helping you to achieve your desperate desires.”

“Oh, but why should I want it desperately? Living with what I have is more important, isn’t it?”

“Yes, Living with what you have is more important as it could make you lively all the time. But if you have some cravings in mind, why do you need to ignore it?”

“Ignoring is also a sensible decision most of the times as it could keep my self-detached from the materialistic pleasures or losses”

“But you are a human and why should you think about being detached from this materialistic world?”


The argument goes on endlessly

10 thoughts on “Argument goes on

  1. These mental arguements are sheer mental stupidity. All the human being are such conditioned and always crave for what ever he does not have. Here some one may argue that satisfication would put hurdles against innovations. That’s not a right view. Innovations are also part of life but never expect the outcome to be as we desire. So, it’s better to enjoy what ever we have in hand.

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