It’s always said that opportunities are lost when fear overrules your beliefs. And lost opportunities can never be retrieved. The saying inspires you to master your emotions like fear and accept the world of challenges. And obviously it’s in your own hands; your own mind to be adapted to rule the fear.

But what if fear overrules the love?  When there is a factor of fear in a relationship, can it meet the purpose? It’s difficult to overcome this fear factor in love. Mastering of the same is not always in one’s own hands.

Love is lost when fear overrules the love. It’s scary for the people who struggle with that fear. Never give that space for any fear factor in your relationship. After all do you really want to give a panic attack to the people whom you really value in your life?

Often men and women fall into this fear driven story line. Give comfort to open up without giving back any fear of flying off the handle or overreacting if he or she presents the uncensored version in front of you. And just know how important you are to them.

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16 thoughts on “Fear and love

  1. Fear can rule love when the lover has attachment to it’s love as he will always be worried about loosing the love. A lover who enjoys the love without any precondition never entertain the fear of loosing of the love. These are my views, other’s have right to different views.

    1. And it need not be the fear of losing the love always…lack of comfort could be a factor for fear, overreactions by the other could be a source of fear…

  2. This is more scary than we think..Fear is like a lion,if we don’t control it it eats us,but also we should give respect to fear in relationships,that fear losing loved ones helps to take decisions correctly

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