The 3 most beautiful things in your life are…

By | November 28, 2017

The 3 most beautiful things in your life are……….

(Yesterday my friend asked me , “the most beautiful thing in the world is……” . I didn’t have an apt answer at that point. But when I just changed it a little, yes it became a little more meaningful for me. So what would be your answer to this question)

16 thoughts on “The 3 most beautiful things in your life are…

  1. My Blog Inspires

    Beautiful things .. in this very moment .. the smile on my daughters face, smell of my breakfast,my parents presence and birds making sound in my garden . To make it simple , It’s Always family and being in nature . Keep in touch !

  2. Doctor Jonathan

    1. The natural beauty in nature
    2.The ever developing brain and its ability to see life from new perspectives
    3.The gift of waking to another day

    1. Akhila Post author

      Thank you doctor…
      On your second point, I was thinking if our brain is really developing or becoming a slave actually

    1. Akhila Post author

      … but nitha, life, love, family, all are actually synonyms in a way, isn’t it…so what are those three sweetest things in your life apart from “the synonyms”

      1. thewritewomanblog

        All these synonyms merging together makes life beautiful and perfect. Cannot think of anything more, Akhi. May be that is I have asked out of life


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