No more chances, once my trust is broken

People are variables like an x or y term in mathematics. Its nature can vary and take any value as time passes.

In my life almost everyone was trustworthy for me. I didn’t untrust anyone or I didn’t think much of my trust being broken by them. I was so relaxed that the world was so gorgeous for me.

Now, looking back I know I was in an illusionary world.

Maybe I am a little more grown up now. And hence while accepting the bitter truth that ‘not all are trustworthy’, the stress and strain also raises up…How ironical it is..

Is it like when we grew older, the worries of trust being broken also grows?

But one thing is quite sure;

If my trust has been betrayed once, no second chance would be given.

11 thoughts on “No more chances, once my trust is broken

  1. I agree with you. Trust is a one-shot deal. There is no fix once trust is broken deliberately. I would say more about trust. I think trust is a sign of weakness, not strength. Trust is like promises: made to be broken, just looking for an excuse. According to the Teachers, trust is also an imposition on another. If I trust another, what am I doing? I am putting a burden on that other s/he may not be able to bear but out of need or friendship or excitement of the moment, may take it on nevertheless. So trusting is unfair. It’s like saying to a lover, “Promise to love me forever!” It is foolish and unwise to ask for such a thing. The only “forever” I can depend on is whatever I create from myself. The rest of the world should be free of any of my expectations, free to do as it pleases. If a time comes when someone wants to break a trust, or can no longer feel that love for me, the freedom to do so must be there. Hence, never trust, never love. Just be.

    1. Yeah, I am mostly forgetful type especially with respect to bad. But in the case of “trust”, my stand is pretty clear. I won’t ever give an extra bullet to someone who had missed the first chance to shoot me.

      1. That’s true. In practical life we must take precautions. For attainment of peace of mind it is necessary too that we shall not do the postmortem of the incidence again and again. This state can be achieved by forgiving the guy.

  2. I quiet understand what you feel, Akhi. I too assumed it is a very rosy world where only love reigns for fellow human beings but my first tryst with mistrust was enough and then on, from there on, I tread carefully. It is strange that even now I tend to forget it at times, but of course there is soon another human who is bound to prove that selfishness and mistrust is not far behind.

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