I am the murderer

By | February 9, 2018

It was a clean murder. Still no one was much concerned. No one even said a word about her. Normally when someone is no more, people start pitying them, say good words about them. But nothing like that happened in her case now. She was my ever best friend. So it is indeed an irreparable loss for me.

But what can I do?

In this world it’s me only who can’t ever forget her. Two waterfalls have already begun from my watery eyes. I feel so lonely without her. She could only make me complete. Without her I am just a piece of lifeless flesh and bones.

Oh! God, I need her back at any cost.

Now I pity myself for killing her over the intuition of my logical brain. At that time there had a fight between my logical brain and emotional mind. And finally the logical brain won ever the poor emotional mind.

Yes, I am the murderer of my own emotional mind. I killed her and buried her deep inside my heart.

“Please come back my friend, and let me be with you”


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18 thoughts on “I am the murderer

  1. thewritewomanblog

    Oh! You kept me wondering for a long time, until that last sentence. You cannot murder her completely, Akhi, she will come back to life when the need arises, fret not.


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