Are you in your late 20s? – Saturn is Homecoming

By | April 6, 2018

Are you in your late 20s?

If yes, be ready to welcome Saturn’s homecoming. Or be prepared to face questions about the life you are living.. A state of identity crisis.

A home coming happens when a planet completes its entire circuit through the sky and returns to the same place it was at the time of your birth.

Saturn return happens once every 29.5 years. So if you are in your late 20s, your play time is over. Saturn is nearing you. During the return, Saturn pulls you more intensively than usual reminding of your duties and responsibilities. Until then you had a feel like everything is possible, dreams can come true. But during this Saturn’s homecoming period, realities dominate the optimistic thoughts.  Yes, you are moving to adulthood.

If you are lucky enough you can have four more Saturn returns after the first one [second in late 50s, third in late 80s and fourth in late 110s…]

Actually most of the planets have the return/home coming. But I don’t understand how Saturn became so notorious out of that?  Venus, we treat for love, Jupiter for Goodwill, but poor Saturn for crises.

But what if we treat and welcome Saturn as a good reminder? Saturn’s energy is pulling you to concentrate more on your path. It is in fact making you stronger through challenges and crises. It is helping you to be well-ordered on your life journey. So welcome Saturn’s homecoming with more positivism.

Actually it is interesting to imagine how wonderfully somewhere out in the sky, Saturn changes our whole life.

I am neither an astrologer nor an astronomer to prove or disprove this. But I love these little little wonders of our universe. [amazon_link asins=’8120818296,B072Q47JTM,1449474195′ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’httpqualitync-21′ marketplace=’IN’ link_id=’78d95d08-3983-11e8-a08e-c7157fbe8408′]

10 thoughts on “Are you in your late 20s? – Saturn is Homecoming

  1. Sunith

    How the planetary motion affect ours is a wonder and of long standing interest.

  2. Kurian

    Thank you Akhila, though I am not in late 20s or other age frames when Saturn returns.
    But I am born on 8th the number for Saturn.
    More importantly, I am your ardent follower.
    Want to know more? Please read my posts

      1. Kurian

        Yes Akhila. Duty of the ardent follower.
        Moreover I enjoy reading your posts


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