I missed my world for many weeks

By | June 24, 2018

Can bacteria and viruses live together? If you have any doubt upon that, just look at my eyes. My poor eyes were the venue for their get-together.

Science says when viruses and bacteria stay together; they are just competing to take over your body. But I felt these guys were going to start a romantic relationship.. followed by a dance party.

Pinpointed shoes of those single celled microorganism were pricking all over the watery eyes during their disco.

But their dating didn’t last long.. may be the viruses were of bacteriophages type. So finally the show was taken over by viruses alone completely. When they were replicating in my eyes, I made myself away from everything around me as I don’t want another pair of eyes to host their festival.

I couldn’t ever imagine a small DNA or RNA enclosed by a protein shell is matured enough to place me in another isolated shell. I missed my world for many weeks.

So now after a long break I am reappearing. The infectious microorganisms have left the venue.

I am content that I didn’t let them spread.

And moreover the pricking pain gave me a different feel at a later stage, a catharsis for my mind.

The viruses attack you only if you had a hand to eye contact by hands or objects that are contaminated with the infectious virus. Hence never touch your eyes especially while being outside. Or even at home it’s a good practice to cultivate so that you won’t accidentally touch your eyes while being out too. Even while going to your ophthalmologist for a normal eye test, take special precautions like not to touch the table or other things kept there. We never know if a conjunctivitis patient entered their earlier.  Most probably that had happened to me too. And finally wash your hands if happened to have any contact with an infected person or items he or she uses.

24 thoughts on “I missed my world for many weeks

      1. crashingstone

        Indeed …as they say “tandurusti ki Suraksha karta hai life bouy..lifebouy hai jaha tandurusti hai waha” 99.99% kitanuo ka safaya lol

        1. Akhila Post author

          Now they must change the advertisement like not only before having food , but before touching or rubbing your eye also, wash your hands with lifeboy..

          1. crashingstone

            Well jokes apart you should in general avoid rubbing your eyes with or without washing hands its not good when you feel the itch just go and splash some cold water or keep a cotton soaked in rose water or cucumber over the eye lids 🙂

          2. Akhila Post author

            Exactly….you know we often touch our eyes so frequently that we rarely notice. we will realise once we start observing it only which I am experiencing now..

          3. crashingstone

            Well its never to late for anything..plus a lesson learnt through a hard way makes a deeper impact 🙂

          4. Akhila Post author

            Yup… a deeper impact of 50 plus days…unforgettable….

  1. Prashantt

    Haha…i wear specs, need to care for special attention on it or else i will keep hand sanitizer( although i strictly believe it as girly thing)
    Have a great day ahead & Savlon doctors ka recommendation

    1. Akhila Post author

      Thanks moushmi… all good now.. I missed you too….how are you?

    1. Akhila Post author

      Hmm… I thought I was also like that until this happened to me.. now I am really cautious….


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