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By | November 15, 2018

“Wake up and enrich your day….”

The lovely alarm song is trying to catch my ears [To be frank, not so lovely song whenever I wake up]. And as usual I didn’t hear, trust me. The second alarm raised its voice even before the first went to a ‘hibernation mode’.  This time, I got up and asked my legs to be out of the bed.

So the routine started — with my little radio.

With the four hands, four legs and double minds [to think and plan in parallel], the daily kitchen magic show started in full swing forgetting even to take a moment for a long breath. Bear with me for a little exaggeration.  [But not at all too much].

But I must say that I enjoy this busy morning hours with the four hands, the four legs and the double minds followed with a warm hug from my love [ though not every mornings].

But why not a little kindness towards oneself instead of jumping into the routine always?  Kindness or consistency which would weigh more? Occasionally a kind break is required from the consistent routine.

Routine is like a structure to work within, but not a stringent structure to stick upon, it needs to be a flexible one which can be broken if it makes sense.

Your dead-end job may take you to the realm of repetitive problems and end up in a monotonous routine. And on finishing the 40th hour [sometimes may be 50 or 60 plus] in a week, ask yourself “What did I do new this week?”. Of course you will be worried or fired if the routine tasks are not done. But have a little bit courage to make things in your way [decide upon that strongly and for the ‘how’ part you will have a workaround] and be out of the box, thus escape from your routine and enhance your creativity.

And the situation is the same starting from a school going kid to any grown-up time killers. Obviously, a student can’t escape from his homework or lessons to be learnt. But in the midway, give them a break and catch their attention to something totally different. Try with a Rubik’s cube or Sudoku or anything of their interest.  Even if it being a small achievement, that moment of satisfaction can revive them fully.

In a way routine and creativity are never good friends. Routine never takes you to notice new things. When we get used to the same path, ignore many things on the way even if it may be different sometimes. So sometimes just get lost, wander from streets to streets and watch your varying mental perceptions.

Habits are helpful and of course it requires strong will power to stick to that. It may be comfortable at times as it is beneficial for your work and private life. However once you settle into a solid routine, your blood and born begins to function on autopilot forgetting about the broad world outside. It maybe dreadful to break this foundation. And as the time passes, you become more and more obsessed to your routine.

Now just ask “Is this really what I wanted to do? What happened to my dreams? Are they side- tracked?”


Take a detour in your path and rejuvenate yourself. Invite uncertainties and break the string of predictable routine stuffs. 

It can save you from the boredom of routine, it can help you to see things in a different perspective, it will give you the courage to question anything, and finally it makes you think differently and enhance your creativity.

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30 thoughts on “Break the routine

  1. Shweta Suresh

    Sometimes we have to love ourselves enough to go easy on ourselves, and take a much deserved break. Routine makes you lazy and bored. Sometimes you just have to break free of the routine and explore hitherto unexplored paths. Haha! I loved how you described the morning routine. It’s almost the same in my case, with food and utensils literally flying and clashing. I have to be in office before 8. Here’s to taking occasional detours.

    1. Akhila Post author

      Yes..occasional detours can rejuvenate us… at least a day out wandering without any aim can prove to beneficial… I am thinking of that… solo travels…

    1. Akhila Post author

      Exactly, fact once we are into that routine it becomes a kind of glued to our life and breaking would become so discomfortable too..

  2. SpiritualJourney17

    I enjoy the freedom to do what I please when. Ha. But like u said when work comes around there’s a routine to it. But I break the routine from time to time.

  3. boundlessblessingsblog

    Such a good read, Akhila and yes one has to be in the kitchen for a long time preparing food and what other family members want. But it is always nice to be doing something in our time that we have and so nice to be occupied with what you love. I have started writing short stories and it is so much of a pleasure. Great post.

  4. Meenakshi Sethi

    This reminds me the pleasure of taking long walks without pre fixing the route. I ask my feet to take me where they wish to go and the walk becomes a fun.
    Love your writings Akhila

    1. Akhila Post author

      Thanks meenakshi.. i am quite sure that you wold definitely had a pleasing time breaking your routine

  5. Simon

    I don’t like monotony, it’s part of like these days. But I do what I can, what do you do to stay sane?

    1. Akhila Post author

      I would say ” Do whatever you wish without trying to enter the comfort zone of anyone else”

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