Free yourself from the pressure of craving to be noticed

By | December 7, 2018

It’s quite a human nature to seek for attention and care. But when you play the worst drama for catching the excessive amount of attention, you fall into that category of irksome attention seeking type.  When the drama is evident, my don’t care attitude towards the dramatists would become quickly prominent and ultimately it ends up in making myself labelled as the unsympathetic or heartless one. I just can’t afford such plays lacking straightforwardness. Infact recently I read somewhere that this planned ignoring is the best silent treatment for such irksome attention seekers.

When people are really immersed in their feelings, they won’t be even thinking about world around them or won’t bother if they are noticed or not. Of course they deserve your true attention and care which helps them recover.  But there are people who cry and then peek into the world through the corner of their eye balls just to confirm they are being noticed. They just cook up things for attention.  Is it any syndrome – the needing to be noticed?

Having said all these, I know we all are upto some extent, attention seekers. But neither seeking the attention of entire world nor playing the worst drama to show off.  So as long it is balanced, it’s okay. There is nothing wrong in expressing oneself freely or asking for support directly when required. That’s a genuine demand.

But the pressure starts to develop within oneself when the craving for attention increases its level. Actually what I feel is the pressure of needing to be noticed always stress you. It is the self, most of the times trying to put pressure on you when you miss an applause in your office while your friend’s loud voice takes away all of that.

Ask your self  “ Do I always need an eye to watch  and ear to listen or a mouth to speak for me? Don’t I have my own authentic senses”?

If you have a real worth, you don’t have it to show it off. And if you show it off, you don’t have any worth.

Nobody is interested in the nano things in your life. Nobody is there watching us 24 hours in a day. But still can’t wait for checking if Facebook post is liked by someone. This device specific obsession also arises from the same “needing to be noticed mania” or in a way deep rooted in any insecurity problems or lack of self-esteem.

Always keep in mind that “Your validation point is not with anyone else, it’s in your own hands”.

Go in your way as long as you feel it to be right without any show offs [after all right and wrong are just some perceptions only!].

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