Part of the mind hums like a bouncing busy bee

Without letting in silence to break the emotive heart

Which is afraid to sit with the unsettling thoughts

While repressed emotions eat her from top to heal.

It was a bloodcurdling night which changed

The breathes of many in a flash of time

The ticks of that endless night is peeking

From every nook and corner of her mind

She replayed the past over and over again

Viewed all as in a black and white screen

It was impossible to let it go as she was

Being dragged to the throbbing hub of past

She assumed it to be a nightmare while

Aware that it was all real and upsetting

She didn’t try to end the tears sloping

Over her cheeks, cried her heart out

Which was holding on for long

Tried to be open to all her feelings

Didn’t hold them back and at the end

She closed her eyes, taking deep breaths

Wiped the tears, stood up and told herself

“Life is never assured and it’s just random

It has to move on whatever comes across.”

She started to accept what had happened

But still with a knot in the stomach

Which is growing day by day

She is alive in a coffin, trying hard

To learn the art of letting go, then again

Nervy in the divine Temple of acceptance

27 thoughts on “Letting go

  1. Most beautifully expressed inner pain …and yes when tears roll down …after that you start gathering yourself ..and rise to the occasion with renewed vigour ..
    Let go and get moving ahead … for that is the only way of life ..

  2. Experienced a wonderful journey through the art of letting go,..
    Bundle of thoughts and emotions,..

    Leaving my heart ❤️ here,..
    As a ticket of appreciation for a creative soul.

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