The black hole of emptiness

By | January 12, 2019

Something was deeply torn inside her

By an intense feeling of emptiness

Eyes were brimming with tears

With the least sparks for life

Even so she bottled up emotions

While falling into a dark black hole

Where time has got frozen forever,

And emptiness has taken over.


She reached at the core in a little while

And soon the tears came flowing

Before she could stop them

Forming an unending streamlet,

Completely Liberating her from

This soul wrenching emptiness

And finally finding a way in

To the ultimate serenity.


34 thoughts on “The black hole of emptiness

    1. Akhila Post author

      Yes Radhika, but only upto some extent.. Sometimes i feel its a temporary escape

  1. utahan15

    in the book
    he wrote
    the man
    how to love a woman
    in bed
    but he was evil
    hope you feel happy soon!

  2. Sha'Tara

    Very well expressed. This is what I got from reading: it’s an old truism of living in worlds such as this one, to achieve a state of joyful balance we all have to experience the deepest sorrow. The good thing is, while sorrow hurts it never kills and never comes without its full complement of hope. After the shedding of tears necessary to purify one’s awareness comes joy providing one does not succumb to self pity.

    1. Akhila Post author

      Thank you shatara. But i am not quite sure if the cycle would end with the vibes of hopes as they say…if it has to then there need to be a creator watching all these cycles

    1. Akhila Post author

      Thanks kamal. Hope she finds the eternal peace. Between the flower is from my amma garden

          1. Akhila Post author

            There is a lot many beliefs connected to that flower.. it flowers only in the midnight. People await to see it blooming without’s said that it brings good luck to your house

  3. Ashish kumar

    Beautifully written… Although a painful read but it ends up with a positive note… Emotions can be felt while reading… Great write up indeed…


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