“Live in the moment” – Often heard a lot. And definitely it’s an important concept as it is the only way to enjoy life to the fullest.

So while living in this moment, what if I die at this moment?

There is no certainty for a tomorrow.

“I am dead” – “I” was present a few moments back. But now the existence has gone to the past. What about the family..? Obviously the grief of the family is going to be million times worse than one imagined. Completely blank and surrounded by total chaos…

Now take a deep breath as I have to tell you something intense,

“Plan for your death”

Many are afraid to think about one’s own death. Maybe scared if the thoughts come true actually.

It won’t result in any disaster if you get organized for your own death in advance. So that not much of our personal affairs would be left unattended even if death arrives all of a sudden.

So think, “what if I die at this moment?”

Everything you owned have no privacy once you are dead. All your secrets are going to be handled by someone else. If the conscious mind is still awake even after your death (who knows), how do you want your affairs to be handled?

It would be a hell for your loved ones to be present in the world where you are not around and damn tough to have any mindfulness when the thoughts are overwhelmed by worries about past events. So won’t it make them a little stress free if the stuffs were kept in order before dying? You can make things a little easier for your family if your life is organized enough with plans and strategies for supporting them at the time of your nonexistence.

Finally and most importantly nothing is taken for granted. Sense what’s really valuable and what’s not. Time rolls quickly. We think that we have time and there will be another chance to appreciate the love, the time, the care and so on,. But just think ‘If today were the last day of my life and I have no other choice than to leave this mortal world, am I ready to exit the game board with less chaos left behind?’

So make less cleanup effort for the family when you are not around by being organized and value whatever you have now because ‘that missed moment’ may never happen again in future.

Steve Jobs : “If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I’m about to do today. I’ll be dead soon is the most important tool I’ve ever encountered to help me make the big choices in life.”

36 thoughts on “What if I die at this moment?

  1. The thought that a day could be possibly your last one on Earth has so much potential. Some things start making more sense, you learn to let go of certain things, and you truly realize what you really want, and of course you come face to face with your deepest, darkest regrets. No one can predict the future. Anything can happen, to anyone, at any time. So it’s better to plan. An extremely thought-provoking post, Akhi!

      1. Ohh bhayangara powerful thought aa. Makes you rearrange and organize your life, until of course procrastination and laziness rears their ugly heads. And before you know it, you’re back to normal.

        1. you are right.. procrastination n laziness can make things impossible.. [but once in a while ithiri madi okke nallathalle as I posted in my “break the routine” post ;)]

  2. What an amazing thought the Snoopy had..’On all other days we will not die,right?’ Recently, I read ‘Who will cry When I die’ and was asking everyone including my son will you cry when I die.Lol

  3. You are absolutely right here Akhila! I know this from my experience. After my brother’s death there are many issues which left unresolved. I really wish he could have resolved these before going away.
    Your article gave me an alert call to do so for me.

  4. First of all, congrats for the new website. It looks fabulous and I hope that you run it successfully. Secondly, that’s a very sagely advice you have given here that reminded me about what my MIL tells me about how her own mother prepared well in advance for her death because she knew that it may inconvenience her children. Although it sounds dreadful, preparing for one’s own death, its an inevitable thing. Why not prepare for it? I wholly agree with you

    1. Thanks Pradita. infact i self hosted my site an year back and recently did some theme change. Glad that you noticed it. by the way you too are running a self hosted know, right..? is that a wordpress upgrade or a fully self hosted one?.

      Between my post was just inline with your MIL words. did I overhear that conversation? [ just kidding]

  5. Steve Jobs was always right but it was very late in his years almost on his death bed what it was to let go and enjoy with his family and himself. Yes I totally agree with your writings, Akhila, what are we and what are we taking with us nothing so why not enjoy this very moment while we can to our best. Lovely and such true words of the caricature.

    1. yess kamal.. enjoying every moment is the best thing we can do.. and as you said nothing is taken with us while we leave the world, except a few drops of tears..so just had a random thought what if one could make the tears lesser by lessening the chaos in his/her absence..?

      1. We sure can do so dear Akhila if we do not focus on petty things and do not think every time it is happening to us. We have to move away from me and mine and give a thought to others too and understand one thing that we are Souls and whoever we meet or deal in our lives are merely bodies just like us and have come with their natures which can never change so why not we let go our tears and change and see all in a different perspective.

    1. I fully agree with you Simon. its more important to live. and i would like to extend that importance to people around me too even in my absence..:)

  6. Great post <3 Death is inevitable, we're all going to die someday, Sometimes I question the purpose of life. But before I die, I want to leave behind some enjoyable memories behind me. I have no fear of death itself, it like being asleep. I don't fear my own death but the death of people I love the most

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