You can buy an orgasm, but never love.

I don’t find true love or romance in you guy’s relationship.

Oops… How dare I to say that. Who am I to judge someone else relationship. After all who am I to define love?

What is love.. love is just love.. nothing more to say.. It’s good enough as it’s not an abstract thing to be defined.

Your version of love may not be as that of my version. It doesn’t imply that you are only right or I am. People may be expressive or non-expressive. Let them be as they are.

If there is love, the bond will be multidimensional comprising all the emotions under a single umbrella. It will have care, trust, lust, passion, longing, addiction, possessiveness, compassion, attraction, attachment, affection and comfort (and many more).  There is always enough space for you to release your temper, grief, and any pain.

And yeah, hormones such as oxytocin also have a main role to play in love. Maybe that’s why you cannot force some to love you or prevent someone from loving you.

And above all to the superficial feelings, there develops a quite natural bond as you go on. And that natural addiction will be evidenced in your actions.

You can buy an orgasm, but never love. No love for sale  is so far available in the markets.

Well, this is how I outline love up to certain extent, and yes I don’t believe in first sight love.

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85 thoughts on “You can buy an orgasm, but never love.

  1. I don’t believe in love at first sight even though people hav told me that its like u felk for a person instantly just like u know her from a long time,but it later end up to be lust or infactuation and the intensity of love is different fr different people,some say love just for like and for some others love is like forever feeling and yes for sex u can choose anyone but love is not easy to find.nice one!

    1. Thanks crys.. Love could be varying wrt people….i can never have a second thought or second chance in my love life..but there are many who are ready for that, even accepting many lovers at a time..

      1. Yup even I beieve In being loyal to that one person.but the perception of love is different fr them so according to them its ok but we don’t find any depth of value in that.

  2. unity of souls is more important before bodies unite.. thats what i feel . good one akhila.. somehow these days you are making me agree on your points .. haha:)

  3. That’s bold,but is like a natural calamity.we can’t make it happen forcefully,but when it comes we can’t even stop that.That sweet damage when we hit by that is eternal in soul.

  4. First sight love is a big puzzle for me.Before 16 years I got arranged marriage with an unknown fellow.I trust my parents choice so I was sure everything will be fine.Today we love each other most.Acceptance is the most important thing in love.orgasm is physical diet but love is soulful diet.In my opinion true orgasm cant be purchased It happens only when someone’s love and dedication relate it.isnt it?

  5. I don’t know about love at first sigh, I don’t now about love at all, all I can say say is it has to be true and pure.
    I don’t want you to call me day and night, it cannot be all happy all the time,
    All I expect from this ‘Love’ is togetherness. Fight with me, love me, hate me, scold me if I am wrong, but it has to be with me, Love is about togetherness for me.
    And yes, it can never be bought, markets can sell anything brought from anywhere but now this dear scarce love!

  6. You are right, Akhila. It’s very difficult to find such love where everything in rhythm and where the lovers find space within themselves. I think people are more looking for lust than love. Hence the true love is often missing in most of relationships.

    1. Thanks sayanti. Many a times lust is recognized as true love. And at a later point of time when people realize it, the egoistical notion comes into picture spoiling the relationship

      1. I am very good, Di. Thank you so much. 🙂 I never knew it would be so tough to choose courses now, I hate not to be focused, but that’s what I am right now. *nervous smile* haha

  7. True! These days anything can be sold in markets except love! I still find it hard to believe someone falling in love with someone strange in first or multiple sights even! It may be just chemicals playing games…Never happened with me atleast… true love is what we get from parents…that’s what all i know and experienced!

    1. Yup, there are chemicals playing , the so called “love hormones” – oxytocin as per science.. still sometimes my intuition distracts me from science as I am experiencing some other form of love, maybe the unconditional love..something which we talked in some other comments…
      Well, I bless you to fell in love with your soulmate soon ( thinking loud, fell in love- is that phrase actually correct? Love should be something to raise you up)

      1. Yes I remember…the unconditional love which doenst have expectations which are part of human nature…! This also would be governed by some chemicals i suppose….how has your experience been with it so far?
        Thanks for your blessings! I hope too!
        Fell in love – yes it should be to rise ! There have been numerous thoughts and debate behind this in the past…some say it is ‘fell/fall’ because a person in love becomes incapable of many things, his behaviour is controlled by love (and the chemicals) and he is like a slave to it…counter-argument would be it makes one appreciate so many subtle things in life, opens your mind to the subconscious, makes you happy, feeling of bliss, gives you courage to do things which otherwise you would never have had and you turn into a better person!! I go with the counter argument!!

        1. Ah.. I am exploring his unconditional love.. there is a Malayalam movie dialogue which comes to my mind now “ I maybe traveling though places where no one had explored so far, like a crazy fellow”

          1. So you are still in your journey to explore more!! that movie dialogue is apt for you then!! Good luck in the exploration!!

          2. Learning to let go definitely helps in making us stronger!
            But wont love again become reason for attachment?

          3. well, May I recommend you to take this course on Udemy (self marketing of course). But it has the explanation to your question “wont love again become reason for attachment?”

            I am really looking for you reading and reviewing it.

          4. Thanks my friend… you are free to’s a 35 mints course, you just need to register for the course…I’m a awaiting your critic feedback on the same..

          5. Sure will be enrolling and going over it this weekend! Looks promising to me!! Thanks for sharing!

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