When people are running do you run in the middle?

“When people are running, you should run in the middle”

It’s a proverb actually meaning ‘one must strive to assimilate to the norm’.

Maybe it’s another prejudice wall built in the minds of people asking to change yourself when everyone around you is changing. And people easily fall in to that just to avoid that “awkward” state of being odd.


Why do you need to go with the normal flow? You are living in your priorities and comfort. Of course, sometimes your priorities may overrule your comfort. But as long as you are only setting up your priorities and defining your comfort, why should you run in the middle of the crowd and make yourself less creative?

Okay, if you still wish to run in the middle ( as you are afraid of oddness or uniqueness) while people around you are running, better not to let your feet run faster than your shoes and make yourself fall. 

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33 thoughts on “When people are running do you run in the middle?

  1. And this is why I once posted, don’t blindly follow the masses, sometimes the m is silent. Just because someone else does, doesn’t make it essential for us to do. We are all unique, and we ought to be so. Or else, we will be as good as a Robot

    1. Loved that usage ” I do only if I wish to” types… haven’t yet watched that movie…between I watched saira bhanu, your suggestion..next would be this movie…

  2. Better to be away from the crowd where everyone is running… Uniqueness comes from moving out of the crowd and not following what everyone is doing… Very nice post Akhila… Inspiring as well…

  3. It’s in the same line as playing safe instead of taking calculated risks! Surrounded by the comforts of people around is we may fail to even notice where this sheep walk may be leading us even!

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