Yes, to calculated Risks

By | April 2, 2019

Do you take risks..?

You are of which type .. “Take a risk” or “play it safe”?

We are made to believe that taking risks is a negative thing. They say, “Why should you take unnecessary risks and spoil your future?”. When such conditioning washes our brain, self-doubting starts like “Should I leave that now..? Will it be a flop if I do it again as it was not proper last time..?”

Infact most of the time, the risks which we perceive wont be as risky as it appears since human mind normally have a tendency to exaggerate adverse conditions.

These social conditioning followed with insufficient information or not-updated information and self-driven intuitions act as inertia on our mind and pulls us back to the comfort zone.

In addition we always have an inherent bias towards the comfort zone which keeps us glued to the current state and reluctant to changes.  Obviously, it could be a reason for postulating risk as a negative thing as risks bring in changes.

We cannot stay in mother’s womb forever even though it’s the most comfort zone. We have to come out and explore the world. There would be challenges outside the comfort zone. If you just wish to be idle and comfortable wherever you are, please keep a board outside stating  “ I am obeying Newton’s first law so please don’t try to change my position with any external forces”

If you want to enjoy the colors of life, take “calculated risks”.

I said calculated risks, as progressivism or adventures should not be a dangerous weapon.

They say, “Just do what you are most passionate about”. But add a little planned forethought too before diving in. Don’t just jump right into that making it dangerous for your safety and wellbeing.

So first of all think over it, if it’s a good risk or a stupid one.

If you are ready to take a risk ask yourself, “What’s the margin of error, and how much error or loss can I withstand?”

Then do a lot of research followed with a safety assessment. Evaluate the pros and cons of risk taking – How much will I gain versus How much can I bear to lose.  

Sometimes fear causes you to overestimate the risks and makes you “play it safe” types. Likewise lack of fear makes you underestimate it and jump right into that risking your life. Let there be a balance between adventures and cautions. Let one of the two “conservatism and progressivism” win at a time based on your instincts.

Opportunities won’t knock at your door multiple times. If some thoughts are put in before jumping into a situation, (“the risk” in others language) the risk would be under control and opportunity in your hands.

If you are a person with a flood of ideas, you may want to avoid certain “good opportunities” for some other “best opportunities”. In that case avoiding an opportunity itself is a risk you are taking based on some calculations.

Acquire this skill to say “Yes to calculated risks”. It’s simple to say, but with practice only you will be set for the same. Be ready to ‘accept changes’ with calculated risks. Ignore the naysayers as changing is a part of growing up as I mentioned in my post How to deal with “You’ve changed a lot”

 Live in the moment and check which option gives you a better survival advantage at the moment without compromising self compassion. Definitely, todays rights need not be a better option for tomorrow as the world itself is changing and releasing many unknowns. So have a little room for flexibility too for tomorrow.

Why I love risks..?

Now why do you love risks..?

9 thoughts on “Yes, to calculated Risks

  1. utahan15

    cradle to coffin
    ala msgr davich
    from the cradle clapton
    the sea of tyme and of wholes akhila!

  2. Sifar

    Calculated risks with a failsafe plan should be done! Playing it safe everytime will not let one evolve!

    1. Akhila Post author

      Exactly.. I am there with you. I just can’t digest when people simply rely on the comfort zone without even a glance at the other side of the wall…I have a feel like opportunities can come to you two times (not just once), giving you a second chance..if still you fail to accept or act on it, no one else can be blamed

      1. Sifar

        Rightly said!! It’s frustrating to see people not doing anything and staying in comfort zone without making any efforts to seize the opportunity knocking! Sometimes it is not even a bigger effort as it seems initially…only needs a start

  3. Rajagopal

    Thanks Akhila for dropping by and thereby connecting me to your world. No risk, no gain. So life is all about taking calculated risks and avoiding risky risks.

    1. Akhila Post author

      Thank you sir for being here too.. I liked that phrase “ risky risks”


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