My articles are being stolen – Copyright infringements

A really great effort goes in while placing thoughts together to write an article. After many researches and multiple iterations, the article gets published.  And then while internet surfing or so, happens to see a familiar article. “Wow! Someone thinks like me”, at first I was really excited to connect with a similar thinking mind when this happened to me. But soon I realized that it was a clear case of copyright infringement. My articles are being stolen and posted by someone as their own.

Someone simply steals your contents and without your permission posts it on their site as their own. No attributions are given to the original owner of the article too.

How would you feel if this happens to you?

When I saw this, I really got frustrated as my contents were posted in the other site without giving any credits or attribution to wordsandnotion. The author doodles and plays with my words, sometimes with minor alterations and some other times without even a title change at all.

It was the title which came to my notice first, the same title which I used in my post. Initially I had an Áha’ moment feeling a connection with the author. Then I just scanned though the contents and was shocked to see the plagiarism. It was not just limited to one article; there were many of my stolen posts published.  

Well, it would be a good practice to do random searches with some extracts from your posts and check for plagiarism.  There are tools or websites for this checking. Also this wordpress support page takes you through certain steps to prevent content theft. Moreover there are copyright acts to deal with such infringements (DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act))



16 thoughts on “My articles are being stolen – Copyright infringements

    1. Yes Radhika.. I too didn’t bother much on the same though heard it multiple times since it occurred to me.. experiences, the best teacher as always…

    1. Ah,. That’s sad to know that you were to stop regular writing due to such infringements.. May I know what action you took further to the incident?

  1. I’ve heard of this happening also and tried to place it out of my mind, but I’m grateful that you brought this to our attention. It’s wrong. Does anything happen to the person/s who have stolen your words? I guess we all have to take more care to protect our content.

    1. This is serious and we need to be more vigilant to protect our contents.. I too was not much concerned until it happened to My wordsandnotion… as you said it’s wrong and unfair

  2. Hi Akhila, this is just pathetic. I mean how can someone simply use your content as their own! It’s just sad and WRONG!!!!!!
    Recently, I found someone, not copying my text and content but who would simply alter different (Really great/good/known) work and alter it a little, and try to post it as their own. I mean can you believe it, the audacity! Even he/she tried it with mew work, after which I stopped all my further contacts with them. but I find it so wrong. how can they just do so..
    PS: I hope I am not the one stealing your work, for I see this a lot of times that we hover over the same topic and tend to think a lot alike! 😉
    Really, sorry to hear about this infringement.

    1. These unfairness happens everywhere moushmi.. people doesn’t even know the basic definition of fair use..

      Haha.. I liked your note, you are obviously not stealing my work, on the contrary that’s the bond or connection we share, While hovering over similar topics…

  3. This is so beyond cruelty. I feel so bad for you, Akhila. Wish severe actions are taken against such petty thefts. We write our ideas with so much energy and effort and some moron steals it from us. What sick attitudes.

    1. You are right, the whole energy which we put into the posts are least cared by the stealers . As you pointed out nothing can be done with such attitudes

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