Are you failing to formulate the thoughts into speech?

By | April 26, 2019

The busy mind keeps on talking to me silently. And when there is a time to speak, to add a flavour of spoken words to the emotions, the otherwise busy mind just shuts down automatically and thus pushing me to a hell of silence. Have you experienced this awkwardness? If yes, “You are not the only one” who have failed to explain yourself properly with spoken words.

You are neither an introvert nor a less confident person (so as me), still failing to formulate the thoughts into words during a conversation. You would be good listener or a good reader, still sometimes mess up with words and ends on the contraries which even you might haven’t imagined.

I am experimenting on how to escape from this.

Talking out loudly to oneself

Constantly practice to talk out loudly to yourself, an extension of your silent inner talk. (Better if no one is around while you practice or else might results in some more awkward situations.) In fact I was doing this “talking to oneself” even before I realized that I was treating myself. Just that, I wanted someone to listen to me and so I talked out loud and myself was placed at the other side for listening. (Don’t go wrong, I don’t have any mental disorders 😉 ) So now looking back, obviously I know how well it helped me. 

So whenever I am alone, I do this “Talking out loudly to oneself” therapy. Don’t be worried of mental disorders as you are consciously doing this. Infact it’s a sign of your intelligence actually. Ah!

Record self- talking and evaluate objectively

Recently I took one more step to advance on better formation of thoughts to speech. Nothing, but recording this “Talking to oneself”. Then I listen it later and evaluate objectively. It gives me a different perspective which never I have noticed under my ear.

Speak slowly

“Akhila, please slow down a bit, would be better if you could reduce your pace.” This was something echoing in my ears always in the past as posted in My speech lessons. Well, I am born without a speed breaker in my tongue. It took a long time for me to realize it first of all. So atleast now I am aware of it and trying to reduce the pace consciously.

Recently the little one recorded something from behind and showed me later. Just some homely conversations between us. I felt like as if I was shouting at him though literally I was not. I need to improve on my tone; I need to have some pauses or some speed breakers in the talks. Well, I have to.

Writing, Reading and Listening

I used to write my emotions to formulate my thoughts. It was for sure helping in my writing and up to certain extent in my conversations too. But sometimes when I read some other books or quotes I feel how precisely they have depicted my state of mind.

I feel like to enhance your speech and turn your thoughts to words; you need to practice speaking itself. Just practice, practice and practice talking out loudly to yourself. In parallel write and read to nourish your curiosity, listen to people you admire and take notes.

We cannt please everyone, (tap to read more about the Side effects of disease to please) but let us please ourselves atleast by expressing the thoughts properly.

Between mind-reading machines are ready now to turn the thoughts in to spoken words. Soon it might be a part of implant too (well, I haven’t heard if it is already) offering hope to patients who are paralyzed or unable to speak. Read Columbia Engineers Translate Brain Signals Directly into Speech

5 thoughts on “Are you failing to formulate the thoughts into speech?

  1. Moushmi Radhanpara

    Hi Akhila, I do this often, talking to one self that is. The only problem is I wonder sometimes what if I AM really going crazy in the process of finding a listening ear! 😉


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