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I have noticed that some of my comments are not appearing on the regular blogs where I used to interact frequently.  They are all being caught by Akismet, the spam filter.
Akismet is doing a great job in filtering the spam comments and at the same time, they are filtering many of us too☹️

Sometimes after commenting, I could see the notification as “Your comment is awaiting moderation”. But most of the times, even this was not shown after commenting. And on refreshing the blog, I could see that my comment hasn’t appeared at all.

I have intimated on this to akismet via Akismet contact page. If you too are facing similar issue, get it escalated to the Akismet team. Harsh Agarwal @ shoutmeloud has posted a free template which can be used while contacting Akismet. It is there in his post on Is Akismet Marking Your Comment as Spam? Here is how to fix it

Also check your spam folder frequently.. please don’t be surprised on seeing so many genuine comments caught by Akismet, the comment spam filter..

So first of all, access your admin area. It can be accessed by visiting the wp-admin directory in your web browser. Example: Or click on the wordpress icon in mobile app, scroll down , and now take “View Admin”.

On entering your admin area, just take the comments where you can access your spam section. Unspam the required ones. After two or three times, naturally those comments from the same blogger will be unspammed by Akismet.

Please do this on a frequent mode so that you wont miss to read from your lovely readers..

16 thoughts on “Comments marked as spam?

  1. you will see that comment for all of my posts. I have that setting for all comments and it’s an easy enough thing for you to setup as well. my reasoning for doing this I saw verbal wars going on in past blogs that I’ve had at other blogging sites and I did not want that here. that and snarky comments as well. it’s my experience that a large number of comments are fine but you have those people who don’t play nice with others or think they have a right to make other lives miserable. I don’t let those high school antics go on at my WP.

    1. I understand your genuine reason behind that comment setting.. Since you are totally aware of that, you would be checking your spam comments too, I suppose, to ensure that no valid comments are marked as spam.

      1. absolutely but I do like the casino spam that I get. it makes me wonder if you and I are missing out on a good time somewhere 😉

  2. Sometimes, I forget to check my spam folder and when I do remember, there’s always comments from fellow bloggers stuck in there, so thanks for this reminder.

    1.’s frustrating…recently I got an assurance from akismet team that They have taken measure so that Akismet no longer catches my comments as spam… a bit relaxing…

    1. sucks very badly.. but I got a supportive response from akismet team further I pinged them regarding my issue. Hope it won’t again happen..

        1. I couldn’t check WordPress for a couple of days, hence only the delay in reply..(nothing to do with the spam, this time)..

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