Law of conservation of love: Love can’t be lost if it ever truly existed

By | July 20, 2019

Love can’t be lost if it ever truly existed. You can’t create it or destroy it as it’s a feel above to the senses.

No matter how much your own mind tries to mask it or spread hatred over love, it will come out seeking a balance as the total potential energy of the loving souls is eternal.

The more you try to control love, in favor or against the flow, the more coherent it becomes.

When two souls come close to each other and becomes one, love binding energy is released just like the nuclear binding energy released when a nucleus is formed from its nucleons.  But this love binding energy is never dissipated (though in case of nucleons, it might escape as a gamma ray or so); instead it becomes the armor protecting the charm of love.

When this armor gets interrupted, maybe due to external influences say negative bias or internal turbulences like anger, ego etc, it might lead to a feeling of “not being loved”. When these negatives biases and internal turbulences increase, the souls might be drawn apart and further leading to more and more internal clashes.

Here comes the importance of our law of conservation of love. So during those negative moments, just be patient and observant. And don’t rush to take any life regretting decision (also hold your tongue at times, as words are as powerful as swords).

Law of conservation assures you that the love which you once felt to be lost will get itself aligned to its normal form, the armor form, uniting the hearts again. The shape of love might get changed to anger or hatred occasionally, but believe that it’s not the end of the story. The loving souls will be in sync again, just let the time.

Finally, you don’t need to create love, it’s there always within you though sometimes hidden, just you need to ignite the fire within you. Likewise you can’t destroy it too.

6 thoughts on “Law of conservation of love: Love can’t be lost if it ever truly existed

  1. David & Laura Speer

    I feel like love can be destroyed, probably from my divorced years, marriage to a psycho path, makes you jaded. But happy now, so maybe that love was just in a holding pattern until now….hmmm you got me thinking

    1. Akhila Post author

      Thanks a lot David&Laura for sharing your thoughts.. in fact it’s assuring my thinking on this pattern of love too..hope you are having a good time now…

    1. Akhila Post author

      I am so happy with your words Drew.. they are really inspiring to welcome a pleasant morning… and I knew that you will always agree to the ever lasting pattern of love…


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