Finding the me: A journey of self-discovery- part 1

There was a girl who always imagined what’s behind the boundary of universe, if any are there. But her imaginations never could take her to the ultimate serene depths of empty space. Somewhere in the life journey, she lost her track and failed to define her higher horizons which she dreamt once.

So this is me, a little bit about an 8 year old me.

But now, I know how to manage my energy without being stuck though I have to accept that I lost the 8 year old girl’s dreams.  They were not just dreams, but a surprising quantum wave within my soul which I realised later.

And now I feel that

Searching for the ultimate serene depth of empty space is in a way equivalent to finding the inner sub atomic particle within the self, the quantum soul.

May be a collaboration of space expeditions and quantum level explorations.

This quantum wave would have answers for all my questions, I trust. It will know why this universe, why all these particles and how all these consciousness..?

To be continued…

16 thoughts on “Finding the me: A journey of self-discovery- part 1

  1. this is something i too went on search, everything is within.. our spiritual stuff says same..

    The idea of finding that subatomic particles is like finding a God particle (for sages it’s divine being)… a least frame of reference in this space – time model of the universe.

    Hope your continue part will have somemore ideas get revealed..

    1. Thanks akshay…one of the many undiscovered bosons might be carrying the reason behind supreme consciousness.. and yess, it has to be discovered from within

  2. Also in this modern world, finding self is also similar to scientist finding the existence of materials from fundamental level..
    What’s me !! It’s within us.. to find may tak3 time

      1. Imagination and intuition can help you to build Hadron collidor, i hope u know.. in Geneva they have placed.. the Nataraja statue.. which symobolizes the cosmic energy in destruction and creation of universe.. and to help you to make more such ideas into better state.. read… The tao of physics by frizof capra..

  3. The search for dreams and finding inner peace, satisfaction is a never ending process but I guess it is too early to come at conclusion because you said to be continued..
    If I would be a software engineer, i would be in seventh heaven & had touched every micro subatomic particle of life
    Have a great week ahead

    1. Yup.. a never ending process…and I Donno where it will take me..I am ma just leaving it to the flow..let it happen naturally

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