Finding the me: A journey of self-discovery- part 2

By | July 24, 2019

“Words whipping up whimsical waves of notion to discern the quantum code of my soul”

This was my tagline some months back for many years. Looking back, now I wonder how come I had a “quantum soul” in that line, I don’t remember having the idea of a quantum consciousness in my thoughts during that time. It was serendipitous to call it quantum soul. This is why I fall for signals from the Mother Nature; they just get me to the right track. I couldn’t assume it to be all just some randomness or mere coincidences. After all consciousness from the quantum soul cannot be a random event, there must be a sequence of linkages or causal determinism. (Having said, I still have that one question, if the universe is deterministic or not, will write on that later).  And now learning more on quantum consciousness I feel my thoughts are getting assured by science too, though there are yet many unexplored mysteries in quantum world.

So far we don’t have any explanations for what exactly consciousness is. Conventional science failed to account for the normal brain consciousness.  There is a hypothesis called, the Penrose-Hameroff  (orchestrated objective reduction: ‘Orch OR’)  model which treats consciousness as the information stored at quantum level. It connects brain processes (micro-tubule quantum computations inside neurons) to ripples or fluctuations in fundamental space-time geometry, the fabric of universe. When we are able to read these coherence, things appear smoother or in favour.

Even near death experiences support the notion of a quantum basis for consciousness, means quantum soul could exist independent of a body.

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To be continued..

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