6 things you need to stop to make every moment fulfilled 

By | July 31, 2019

    Stop expecting from others – Be self dependent

      Stop bothering what others think – Be authentic to the self

        Stop holding on as everything is transient – Be mindful

          Stop dwelling on the past – This too shall pass

            Stop taking life too seriously – Think, What matters ultimately?

              Stop fighting with what can’t be changed – Flow with love

              7 thoughts on “6 things you need to stop to make every moment fulfilled 

              1. utahan15

                she said ur not alone
                she would not love me
                nor speak to me on the phoine
                i declined
                her alliance
                all the same
                the s name!

              2. Prashantt

                True true true…totally agree with you, these are golden words and i follow four of them.

                1. Akhila Post author

                  That’s great that you are following four of them… What happened to the remaining two, do you have any suggestion on that?

                  1. Prashantt

                    We tend to get bothered with others opinion, its human nature however most of the time we use to pretend we doesn’t & if we stop fighting against what can’t be change, change will never happen…that is what i feel.

                    1. Akhila Post author

                      Ah..I really liked your views…thumbs up…but there are certain things totally out of our control, like loss of loved ones…


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