What you need to know before generalizing – There are thousand tiny things unnoticed

By | August 21, 2019

All of us want to be treated good without compromising our ego.  But when the stereotyping rules, one might be tempted to overgeneralize persons or their attitudes, thinking in a predetermined manner. 

“See, that girl crossing the road, how stupid she looks” or “I have bought a new branded machine, it’s definitely better than this” “you are a loser” …we deal with a a lot of such generalizations in our day to day life.

No one actually likes to be generalized but still it is used as a survival skill built on previously programmed mental descriptions. So if you generalize remember what you are doing actually. Sometimes, our routine causes ignorance. Things get unnoticed when they are part of our routine and we start generalizing with our programmed vision. Paying attention to the minute details of your daily life helps you to connect things logically.

Your thoughts might be  contrasting with others, but don’t jump into a conclusion as there maybe thousand tiny things which escaped your senses. Even if unintentional, overgeneralizations or judgements can have negative impacts not only for the persons you are referring to but for you as well. You are distancing yourself from the real nature of people by ill treating them or you are missing a chance to know how the world really looks.

Though generalization or attribute linking enables fast processing, a thought must be given before doing so. If you dig further the more specifics might appear.  But people might already have a preset mind set and then they just seek for evidences to backup their thoughts. 

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I know such close minded people, they will be always around us in the society. They are simply satisfied in their story or even don’t mind to  add a little dramas to spice it up. Maybe they are just cooking up things for attention.  Is it any syndrome – the needing to be noticed as I mentioned in Free yourself from the pressure of craving to be noticed. Earlier I thought it’s my duty to explain them how wrongly they interpreted further to their generalisation but very soon I realised they can’t be changed. It is a wastage of time if you try to convince them something different.

I didn’t mean every generalization is wrong or you need to refrain from generalizations. After all Einstein generalised his special theory of relativity after 10 years of publishing and we are still living with that. When everything is in balance generalization might work well just like the statement, tobacco causes cancer. Remember your generalization can have a strong impact on the listener too so don’t put forth statements like dogs are always smarter than cats or all politicians are corrupted or I am always right. 
This post, I am not always right talks “your rights won’t be my rights and your wrongs won’t be my wrongs”

All generalizations are false including this one – Mark Twain

Still, lemme say two things which you can consider before generalizing,

  1. Things makes sense only when you are able to blend all pieces in the right proportion. Don’t go judgemental prior to that because all are special as well small things do matter a lot. 
  2. Be mindful of what you are doing, be clear on  the intent and impact of your generalization as there are thousand tiny things unnoticed.

7 thoughts on “What you need to know before generalizing – There are thousand tiny things unnoticed

  1. Moushmi Radhanpara

    All generalizations are false including this one – Mark Twain” I guess this sums it up! But I have never been in favour of generalistaions.

    1. Akhila Post author

      Yes moushmi..I met with that quote serendipitously. As you said, it sums it up all. Glad to know that you are not in favour of generalizations, so as me too

  2. Aajan

    First of all, a big salute for finding time and persisting with blogging. It takes fair amount of passion and discipline from a person to do this so regularly.
    This is your space, where you write about subjects of your choosing in your style, when you are ready to put it all down. I as a reader, don’t have anything to add or edit, but to read, take what I feel is worthy of taking note, and discard what I think is not. Period.
    As you have mentioned in this blog, I, as a reader, neither have enough data points nor an idea about the space where you have had got your viewpoints, to do a benchmark. Hence, no judgements, generalizations and critique.

    Keep writing, in the same vigor. All the very best!

    1. Akhila Post author

      Thanks a lot for your kind words. What you have commented is really inspiring for me to continue my passion. Yes, anything from illusion to reality could attract me and when there is a thought to be given words just flow in to form a stream..thanks again for being here..


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