How not to be duped by fake HR recruiters in Linkedin?

By | September 4, 2019

Recently a recruiter at linkedin approached me. It was about an opportunity matching with my “impressive background” as in his words. Ah! How nice!

He messaged that he was looking to hire someone with my background! When I responded, he further showed his interests to have a conversation with me and gave me a brief description about his company. And requested for my phone number.

I was not as stupid as he expected to give my number!

I searched for his background in linkedin. To my surprise, it was a blank page with just a profile name and not any activities . Nothing more. Likewise the company he referred too didn’t have any professional appearance on linkedin and I couldn’t trace that company from google too. I felt some anomalies at this stage. So I just asked him to pass me the webpage link. As expected no further responses! He disappeared.

Fake linkedin recruiters are all around there. I don’t claim that the one who approached me was of that type. But indeed it rang a bell. Actually even the professional fraudsters have better approaches now, they won’t simply work with an unprofessional page. They are actually smart enough to cook up authentic looking websites!

So if these kind of imposters ever coming on your track,

1. Google about the recruiter as well the referred company, check if it’s professional with proper logo, enough followers and activities .

2. Search the credibility of the LinkedIn page, if you smell any anomalies, be cautious. Never ignore the alarm bells.

3. Never ever pay money in advance or share your personal information

So even if you are struggling to find a job, be cautious enough not to end up as the victims of these imposters .

12 thoughts on “How not to be duped by fake HR recruiters in Linkedin?

  1. Avyukta

    My goodness! The extent to which people can stoop down to is surprising. Thanks for sharing this with the world. I can’t even think of the hundreds of desperate job seekers who would be falling prey to such folks. In fact, there was an incident in an MNC where in two people actually ran a scam using the name of that company and went to the extent of impersonating a recruiter to dupe about 20 people of their hard-earned money – there was a solid fake company office setup too!!

    1. Akhila Post author

      Yeah..this faking is happening to an extent which we can’t even equipped oneself not to be trapped by them


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