Learn how to let go of attachment – flow with love

Love and attachment are complement of each other while being in an emotionally bound world and it is tough to be in love without being attached. Then love just becomes a bond whatever they say. Whenever there is a dip, heart gets crushed. It craves for that lost care and attention. But isn’t attachment a poor replacement for love? There are times demanding us to master we art of “Let go of attachment, flow with love”

In fact being clingy is an unattractive trait. Attachment is about being needy and clingy. But love is more unconditional.

If you have already learnt that art to make yourself detached even while being in strong relationships, well and good. For those who are not yet, try to make atleast the next generation emotionally intelligent. And with them, let us too learn this art. “Let go of attachment, flow with love”

Infact I am the person who is actually in a relationship with solitude at times. Its not that I don’t like to be with friends, but I can enjoy even my loneliness. And I was keeping myself a less attached person until something changed my life. Actually it was a moment of realization, realizing how attached I was which I had never expected.

Detachment against will is painful !!

Losing the loved ones can break the heart so badly. It’s depressing when the love ends in the claws of human emotions. But one must be able to see himself or herself as complete, no need to have a second or third person to fulfill him or her. Tell yourself “I am the whole, not half or quarter”

Self-dependency is the reliable choice in life.

Here the enemy for one’s choice is the social conditioning. In some way or the other our brain got already programmed to many conditioning including this “strings of attachment”. So what we can do is, atleast spare the next generation from being conditioned. Let them learn by themselves, let them stand for themselves, Let them be independent from you and finally less attached while being empathetic to the world around them.

Flow with love without any strings of attachment.

Detachments doesn’t imply a total disengagement. Its more about being less entangled and dependent. Its about letting go the inner fear and self healing.

Having said all these, keep in mind that it’s not logical to suppress all the emotions too. Emotions and feelings are a vital part of human connection. Feel your emotions, spend time with your emotions without avoiding it and finally you will reach a phase of acceptance. You can never detach yourself from the truth or what’s real.

Also, its not worth to sit with your emotions all the time, so better to have a dedicated slot everyday – fixed time for emotions. If you could be healed then and there itself, well and good. Or else just keep it aside, take it at the time of your ‘emotion slot’. In fact it has got many advantages too. The prime thing is while you postpone your emotions, itself gets start to settle upto some extent as time pass by. Also have a thought on the degrees of emotional investing, if its really worth or not.

You were attached because you let it happen so the key to detach is nothing else other than you. We were born alone and will die alone too.  So be somewhat selfish to treat yourself. Invest more on your well being. Let it be some hobbies, friends, pets, busy schedules, volunteering etc. And the fact is at times indifference is a key survival skill.

6 thoughts on “Learn how to let go of attachment – flow with love

  1. There is an old American Hippie proverb, “If you love something, let it go. If that person was meant to be with you, they will come back.” It’s true. At 71, I fell in love again, for the first time in many years. Be well and at peace, and may all that is good go with you.

    1. I am much delighted to read your love story..and very very happy in fact..
      And I loved that proverb too..thank you for sharing..
      Hope you are with your love now…

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