Answer lies in your interpretations

Why do I work hard to achieve more? Why can’t I be content with what I have?

Why my planner is always packed? Why can’t I simply sit and take rest?

Why do I need to think about the meaning of life? Why can’t I forget all such madness?

I know we all live and die.. but “Why did it bloom, if it’s going to wither?” or was it to leave just some legacy?

“We are going to die, and that makes us the lucky ones. Most people are never going to die because they are never going to be born”– – Richard Dawkins

So immortality is not an answer to these questions. And death may not be the ultimate destination.

Maybe the answer lies in one’s own interpretations.

So either

Cherish every moments of life and Take a step back and laugh at yourself


Give up everything and be a monk..


Is it possible to have a grey stage between these two..?

71 thoughts on “Answer lies in your interpretations

  1. Wow, you should get a million “hits” with that one! Your posited extremes are unacceptable to me – anyway, I don’t like extremes, they lead but to madness and death. So, yes, there is a grey area between seeing life only through rose coloured glasses, and giving up on everything. We are born “here” and both, “me” and the world I find myself in, are enigmas. The trick is to decide what to do with the time we are given and if/when we discover that our “time” may not have an end, use that to determine how we will use it up. Isn’t it a bit like being given a bit of free money, say $100, and told to go spend it in a gambling casino. If we’ve never been in one before, it’s best to walk around and check out the various games going on, then decide how to spend the money. Personally, I’d give it to some harassed, overworked staffer, then walk out… hah! 🙂

    1. Liked your interpretation shatara… we are puzzled not only when the the given time or money is endless but when it’s temporary or limited too..isn’t it…

      1. Yes, and it seems that no matter how “certain” we become of whatever life’s outcome will be, we really are never certain. Certainty breeds contempt too, as witness those who are so sure about everything. I think “life” was designed or designed itself so there would be no certainty. Have you ever pondered the “riddle” of Schrodinger’s cat? I won’t write it out here since it’s easy to check up on it on Wikipedia. Worth looking at again. I think that your own “grey stage between the two” is a brilliant interpretation of the uncertainty principle. Great work, and in so few words… wow!

        1. Yup, the particle wave duality…. it happens everywhere…. in fact I love to believe that we are also not an exception to that, say like our soul is the wave, it we could only see the particle or physical form of it…

  2. Giving up is not required. Enjoy every achievement without clinging as all the achievements and failure are impermanent. Clinging and aversion are the root cause of suffering.

  3. This was really thoughtful.
    But I have no idea what and how to respond to this, I mean I was the kind of person who would only see in black and white, but of late it is no more the case. Recently it has always been grey, trying to put it in black and white simply isn’t working for me anymore. So may be grey is the answer. We all just need to strive for our goals.

    1. Thanks dear.. even though you were doubtful initially on what to respond here, your comments have risen up to a different level. Though I didn’t much think on the grey area, it just occurred to me towards the end of the post…

  4. A full life does not mean having a full schedule or a full bank account or a full squad of friends. I think that the notion that more is better is a false one. Quality should win over quantity every time. Enjoy life under your own terms not by what others have said is best.

  5. It is for each person to decide the life they choose to live. For many (as you write) they will choose to exist rather than live. What an unfortunate waste of blessed opportunity.

  6. I wonder which is best? To be born and die or not being born at all? I am terified about this, about dying some day. There are moments I wonder if it wouldn’t have been better if I wasn’t born at all? No pain, no suffering, nothing – just void. Today when I walk and do the little things I once ignored.. touching and feeling them… I can only thing that one day I will not be doing it anymore. This gift of life is limited but deep down inside I wish it would have been immortal. I absolutely loved your post!

    1. Thank you so much for loving this post….in fact I am also in that wonder stage, perplexed which is better … but anyways I am born and alive now, so I need to live..and live guilt free as far as possible.

  7. Thats why i come to read ur posts :-). I wud prefer the first one madam. Life is to live and experience and laugh with those cherished memories and share happiness, joy and laughter with others.

  8. Hi Akhila. Glad to read your post after so long. Talking about grey zone, I think the grey zone,although not desirable, is the most relatable one. At least I connect with it.,

    1. Hey shreyans.. happy to see you after a long gap, yeah, I was some on and off here for a while..trying to be quite more often. Also feel good that you were able to connect with that grey zone..

  9. It maybe possible to live halfway between the two stages. However we should enjoy all of the moments. Bad times make good times valuable.

    1. Hey you.. there after a long while..( well, I must not forget that I was not so regular recently ). I agree truly that living in the moment is the best way to make the life colorful, thought not ease as said

      1. Hey, how have you been? Yes I took a long break. But I’ve written something in the past months ( check it out if you’ve time to spare) . Well, right things are never easy

    1. I am so happy that it just brought you a thanks to you for making me too smiling..I am pretty good Drew..hope you too..

  10. Life is complicated and so are the meaning of it. It’s important to realize how much you need. It’s important to be satisfied in life and the most important to live a meaningful life.

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