Comfort matters, not just yours but theirs too

By | June 7, 2020

Comfort matters

“Oh! No, please be outside of your comfort zone, everything you ever wanted is outside your comfort box”

Is this what you wanna tell me right away on hearing this “Comfort matters”

Well, no offense, but here the context is “about maintaining comfortable social interactions”

So this is about “comfort of not just yours but theirs too”.

Maintaining a right relationship

It sucks when people enter in to your personal space without your consent. They just forget the basic etiquette, they forget that not just their comfort but yours too matters.

Will you enter into someone’s cabin without knocking or without a pre-confirmation? (Well, You may if you are permitted already.) Likewise, You cannot enter into someone’s personal space without a valid pass !!

There are people collecting your personal phone number somehow, texting in what’s app, ringing you unnecessarily .. and then there are people trying to get into your personal affairs as if they can rectify your problems… actually I feel pity on them! How easily they lower their own standards losing their integrity..

“I’m sorry , my trust walls are so high”, This is all I can tell them !!

How nice it would have been if they had taken your consent rather making the interactions worse!!

“The warmth of any relationships, be it love or friendship or parenting or just social interactions or what so ever, lies on that breath of comfort.”

Breath of comfort

Physical and emotional comfort zone

All of us would be having a physical comfort space around us. And we feel like we are owning that piece of atmosphere around us. And that could be a reason why we feel getting irritated while stuck in a crowd.

I remember this girl who is really nice, but she has this problem of getting into your physical comfort region even in an office atmosphere. When she talks she just leans forward such as there would be just a breathing space between the people. It’s not about whether she is a girl or a boy. But entering into your physical zone, makes you uncomfortable.

People have a comfort zone around them, an emotional as well as a physical comfort zone. And most of the times we would prefer only ‘people of our choice’ in that comfort zone.

Boost your ego for a better willpower

Actually sometimes I feel like ego depletion makes people do disrespectful things. So we all must strengthen our ego which can have a good hold on our will power. Ego will prevent people from going into someone’s personal space unnecessarily. (Half joke, half serious)

Maybe they are simply assuming the relationships or interactions as something taken for granted. Sometimes it may be their curiosity or genuine interests drawing them into your personal space. Maybe they are planning to give you some shocking surprises. But unfortunately they are not even realizing that they are distressing you like an intruder.

And most importantly

“Your power to surprise shouldn’t be at the cost of someone’s comfort”

Its a matter of integrity and etiquette !! If you wanna maintain respectable and comfortable relationships adhere to these two unsaid rules and do apologize if you ever feel guilty !! It’s your attitude that shows your dignity. It’s your attitude that defines you. It’s your attitude that makes people comfortable with you.

Comfort does matter whatsoever

They say you start living outside of your comfort zone.

What does that actually mean?

Outside your comfort zone you are expecting more opportunities and achievements and thus a more powerful comfort zone. So in a way you are seeking comfort in the uncomfortable zone.. so comfort does matter wherever you are.

And in the context of relationships or social interactions you must ensure your comfort and fire them away if you are lacking comfort with them. It’s not that you must jump out of your zone in a relationship that’s distressing you, but rather

Push them away who are making you uncomfortable.

comfort matters

Be who you are

Re trust is never an option for me, so like wise, it’s your call to decide whether you can give them a second chance to rebuild the comfort zone around you if they have already messed up it.

Be who you are.

Being yourself is also a kind of revolutionary act in a counterrevolutionary planet.

A little room for flexibility is not always bad, but be with your comfort and priority.

Wear what is comfortable for you be it your smile or dress or whatsoever and not anything branded or attractive.

6 thoughts on “Comfort matters, not just yours but theirs too

  1. Sreejith Nair

    Well written post, Akhila 🙂

    I do believe in personal space in any relationship and that’s where you can be yourself, enjoy yourself and be prepared for the challenges outside your comfort zones …

    Thank you for sharing 🙂

    1. Akhila Post author

      Thanks a lot kind of you to say that.
      As said ensuring personal space is much Essential be it any personal relationship or social or virtual interactions . And my point was specifically on those with whom probably you are having a good rappo, but still without your consent when they enter into your comfort zone, it’s a bit distressing..

    1. Akhila Post author

      Kick them away whoever peeping over your shoulders without your will

  2. Daisy

    I can relate to this post too much. Trust is so easy to break and so hard to build back up again.
    I love your quote : the warmth of any relationship relies on the breathe of that comfort. Poetic and poignant. Catch up soon.

    1. Akhila Post author

      Happy to read your words, (though a bit worried on reading that trust part you mentioned. ) I know you are an emotionally strong just raise your words and stand up as always..hugs..


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