Why you should not forget the relationship with yourself ?

By | July 11, 2020

Don’t sacrifice too much, no one cares

You are a good person. A good husband/wife, sister/brother, daughter/son and what not. All are highly important relations. But did you miss something..? A supreme one..?

The relationship with yourself!!

This supreme one is easily ignored or forgotten while being tangled to your duties and responsibilities.

You won’t realize it until you reach a stage of complete exhaustion. Then there will be none to support you, literally none!!

So think,

why do/did you sacrifice so much of you?

why didn’t you keep a portion for your own self?

You have to be empathetic not just towards others, but to yourself first.

Don’t sacrifice too much, no one cares.

Don’t be shy to be selfish, it’s not a dirty word

Don’t be scared to say no, be self focused

sacrifice not

There is no harm in being a little selfish. In fact if you are not, you are gonna be taken for granted. So

Be busy with yourself atleast once in a while

Have a little bit me-time everyday and pick your miserable self up (read I took a day of me)

Self-dependency, the reliable choice in life

No matter if there is some with pearly eyes to heal your burnt soul or not, you have to find your own peace. Invest more on your well being and be guilt free for prioritizing your wellbeing. It’s not about selfishness, but a necessity !!

You are not reading this by chance, yes its time for an intimate date with yourself, to examine your life, to do an introspection, to hear your won voice !!

Dear mind, have a bit more me-time or else your me-system might get malfunctioning

Be dependent on yourself

Be in love with yourself

Be busy with yourself

Be true to yourself !!

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