Nuclear shadows – The Haunting remainders

It was a huge blast wiping out thousands and thousands of dreams on August 6th 1945 at Hiroshima, Littleboy on Hiroshima and three days later Fatman over Nagasaki, two cities in Japan. Miraculously there were some survivors like Tsutomu Yamaguchi and haunting remainders too in the form of Nuclear Shadows. The Nuclear Shadows were caused by intense thermal radiation

The haunting remainders

Nothing was left behind after the blast to tell you once a city existed there. But even now there remains certain shadows on the stone steps, on the walls extra. There was certain propagandas like they were vapourised human imprints on the stones or walls in the form of Shadows. But so far there is no scientific or medical evidence to support the process of human vaporization.

Anyway the human Shadow of death which was told to be of a person who had been sitting on the steps in front of the Hiroshima branch of sumitomo bank, remains as a haunting imprint of people killed in the blast. Now that stone where the shadow lies is preserved in the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum. 

The facts behind nuclear shadows

These shadows were caused by objects in front off the wall or stone absorbing thermal radiation. The intense heat would have bleached nearby everything it touches. If there were blocking objects in front of the wall, the objects would be of-course burnt or bleached leaving its outline on the wall, that is leaving the portion of the wall behind that objects. 

This is just like Sunburn happening. Covered portions would be in a different colour compared to the sun exposed portions. So actually shadows were not burnt on to the surface, instead exposed areas were. Surrounding areas got lightened while shielded areas remained in  the original state.  So it looks like  permanent shadows being formed on the wall. 

So are the stories of these nuclear shadows..

August 6th, it’s Hiroshima day,  74th anniversary, let us hope such events are never repeated and peace politics win over these nuclear weapons. No more Littleboy and Fatman fall over the dreams of millions on earth. Let the Hiroshima Peace Flame ignite the hopes of a planet free of nuclear threats..Let there be more and more oleander blossoms always..

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6 thoughts on “Nuclear shadows – The Haunting remainders

  1. An important post to remind us of the horrors of these weapons of destruction. The after affects are still felt today. Not surprised to find this post on your thoughtful blog.

    Hope you are well my dear friend.

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